Fatal Train Crash in Turkey 3 Floors More than the world average

the average of positive train accidents in Turkey Dunya times more 3
the average of positive train accidents in Turkey Dunya times more 3

The United Transport Workers Union (BTS) announced the Tren TCDD's Restructuring Process and the High Speed ​​Train Disaster Report that occurred at the Marşandiz Station as following the high-speed train accident in Ankara where 9 died and 86 was injured.

BTS President Hasan Bektaş, who held a press conference with the board members at the union headquarters, said that there was information pollution after the high-speed train accident. Stating that the responsibility of the accident has been demolished to the lowest level staff and the real reasons have not been explained by the Ministry of Transport and the General Directorate of TCDD, Bektaş noted that the Minister of Transport's statement of 'the sine qua non' about the signaling system, which is the main cause of the accident, is an unfortunate statement. Bektaş said bureaucrats who provided this wrong information should be investigated.

In the report, although the AKP ruled that the investments in the railroads were claimed to be a big investment, the investments were evaluated for show purposes and train accidents were also informed. Accordingly, the EU average of fatal train crash while 0,3, 2.08 this rate in Turkey. Turkey is approximately three times the world average in the death occurred.

The biggest responsibility in the accident belongs to the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure of the report, TCDD Security Boards and Safety Commissions and Rail Regulatory General Directorate said that the responsibility. The report also states that the Regulation on Preparation and Traffic of Trains is not applied, and according to the regulation, it is reminded that passengers should not be placed in the first two seats for safety.

Answering the questions of journalists BTS Chairman Bektas, Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Mehmet Cahit Turhan increased the number of level crossings and reduced the number of train accidents, evaluated the explanation. Bektas, accidents because the trains do not work compared to previous years, indicating that the level crossings in the world is an abandoned application, instead of underpass or overpass should be done, he said. (Artıgerçek)

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