Arrested after Collecting Rusty Broken Bolts Left by TCDD

tcddnin rusty broken bolts were detained when gathered 2
tcddnin rusty broken bolts were detained when gathered 2

📩 09/01/2019 18:44

In Menemen, 2 recycling workers were arrested on the charges of theft because they collected the rusty and broken bolts left over from TCDD's maintenance and repair operations on the rails, while 4 were released on the condition of judicial control.

İZBAN due to the ongoing strike unused rail lines for a period of the Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD) 3. Regional Directorate started maintenance and repair operations on the tracks. During these operations, metal bolts in the rails were replaced by new ones. The old bolts were left on the side of the road by maintenance crews.

According to the news of Metehan Ud from Evrensel, the TCDD did not collect the bolts on the Menemen route. Recycling workers who thought that rusty broken bolts had been abandoned were sold to sellers.

In the meantime, a signaling device stolen TCDD state reported to the police. In the investigation, Menemen detained recycling workers who gave material to scrap dealers. Two recycling workers were taken into custody yesterday. A truck that was taken into custody was confiscated.


Recycling workers in the police and the prosecutor's office in the expressions of the bolts for a week was not taken as a means of robberies, he added. They even pointed out that the bolts were collected from the grass.

A lawyer who provided information to Evrensel ama TCDD officials said he would collect another team from behind, but no one came and went. TCDD doesn't have any harm, it's worth it when the recycling workers collect it. Probably wouldn't have been a problem if the signaling device had not been stolen. What is important here is the way of abandonment. There is a conscientious objection. Those who were detained had no criminal record, Göz he said. (Universal)

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