TCDD 2019 Dr. Fuat Sezgin to host the year

tcdd 2019 will host the prof dr fuat sezgin events
tcdd 2019 will host the prof dr fuat sezgin events

📩 26/02/2019 18:11

Announced by the Presidency Circular '2019 Dr. Fuat Sezgin 'hence' with TCDD. Dr. Prof. Dr. Fuat Sezgin The signing ceremony of the Cooperation Protocol between Islamic Science History Research Foundation (İBTAV) and Kırıkkale University was held in 23 January 2018 at the Headquarters Small Meeting Hall on Wednesday.

Apaydın: yap As TCDD, we will do our part Ap

Speaking at the signing ceremony of the Cooperation Protocol and announced by the Presidency Circular liği Prof. Dr. Emphasizing the importance of Fuat Sezgin Year, General Director of TCDD İsa Apaydındevoted to Islam, history and Islamic culture. Dr. In the context of introducing and explaining the activities of Fuat Sezgin in our country, he underlined that they are ready to do their part as State Railways.

TCDD daily 44 YHT expedition that they carry out and carry approximately 22 thousand passengers per day, providing a certain amount, as a result of this, as well as a significant amount of passengers in the stations and stations, he said. The General Manager Apaydın said that the protocol and the signed signatures should be instrumental to the charities. It We will prepare our foundation and the materials prepared by our university and our information activities together with our high-speed trains. Professor Dr. We will do our part as TCDD for the better understanding and comprehension of the services provided by Fuat Sezgin. I would like to thank the rector and the foundation president for the conduct of this protocol. Ben

Çetinkaya: et Dr. Fuat Sezgin was one of the world's leading scientists Fu

Professor Dr. Speaking about Fuat Sezgin's work, life and contributions, İBTAV Board of Trustees Chairman Mecit Çetinkaya emphasized that Sezgin, who passed away in 2018, is one of the leading scientists of the world, proving that Islam has brought civilization to the west. Referring to the activities to be done within the scope of the protocol, Çetinkaya said, ve I would like to thank you and Mr. General Manager for helping us with these developments and events. Protok

Aslan: Ap We thank General Manager Apaydın Aslan

06 2018 September 2019 dated by the circular of the public institutions and organizations by IBTAV '286 Prof. Dr. Rector of Kırıkkale University Ersan Aslan pointed out that the coordinating task was given due to the year of Fuat Sezgin. As of yesterday, the number of events approached 600. When we add the 5-6 event under the protocol we will sign today, we will complete 600. Mr. General Manager İsa ApaydınI would like to thank to the Foundation for providing such facilities to both our foundation and our university and for providing us with the convenience of the President. vak

TCDD General Manager after the speeches İsa ApaydınChairman of the Board of Trustees of İBTAV, Mecit Çetinkaya and Rector of Kırıkkale University. Dr. A cooperation protocol was signed by Ersan Aslan.

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