Sümela Monastery is going to tender for cable car project

sumela manastiri ropeway project for tender
sumela manastiri ropeway project for tender

The most serious steps are being taken for the Teleferic Project, which is planned to be constructed in the area where the Sümela Monastery is located in Trabzon. The project will be announced in the coming months, while for the construction work, 2 year 6 will be signed by the protocol for a new additional period. It was recorded that this additional period was due to the preparation stage of the project.

The second stage of the Teleferik Project was constructed in the area where Sumela Monastery is located in Altındere Valley in Maçka District which is one of the most touristy areas of Trabzon. The tender for the project is planned to be made in the coming months, while for the construction work, the 2 year 6 will be signed with the protocol for the additional month. The project was planned to be completed in 5, while the cable car line and day service area to be constructed in Altındere Valley was planned to be done in 12.08.2020 year. However, the cable car line and the day were used for the operation of the application area. If the contractor to finish the job on time, the protocol to be made between the National Parks and the Metropolitan Municipality of Trabzon will be added to the tender.

Informing the Metropolitan Municipality Council Members about the subject, the Metropolitan Municipality of Trabzon, Ali Kemal Bektaş, Head of Business Administration and Subsidiaries Department, said, ve 5 was given a yearly time for the construction of the cable car line. The 2 year of this was already spent in the preparation and approval of the project. The rest of 3 years were left. For this we have found the request from the National Parks. His approval also found the 6 month. The National Parks have prepared an additional protocol Milli.

Bektaş stated that after the approval of the additional protocol between Trabzon Metropolitan Municipality and National Parks, the tender phase will be taken.

Trabzon Deputy Mayor Seyfullah Kınalı said, ful He is currently in the tender stage. It is not easy to underline such auctions. Time has passed but it is difficult. There's something coming up every moment. They are done step by step. I hope it will be good. This is Turkey, Trabzon, Maçka içjn an important place, "he said.

Trabzon Metropolitan Municipality Council unanimously approved the item out of the agenda after the negotiations. According to the approved article, the Mayor of Trabzon Metropolitan Municipality Orhan Fevzi Gümrükçüoğlu was given authority to establish a protocol with the National Parks… (Source: xnumxsaat)

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