Fast Train to Relieve Highway Traffic

speedy train to relieve highway traffic
speedy train to relieve highway traffic

Afyon Kocatepe University Faculty of Engineering Department of Civil Engineering Dr. Hüseyin Akbulut, recently increased the speed of the implementation of high-speed train projects will increase traffic safety, such as a major road junction Afyonkarahisar the city's traffic load will reduce the 38 percent, he said.

Afyon Kocatepe University Faculty of Engineering Department of Civil Engineering Dr. Hüseyin Akbulut stated that the highway is one of the most important parameters of the social and cultural activities of the people. Akbulut expressed that people and civilizations are in the account of how they travel and transport more quickly and comfortably. He said, yolculuk Countries and people who have achieved this have developed into a more developed and more prosperous life in terms of civilization. Those who fail to do so have lagged behind. It is for him that the highway is the most important case highway between countries and people in cultural and economic sense. Ki When you look at developed countries and the European countries stated that the case is seen to offset the transportation and freight Akbulut, he mentioned that the highway was mainly made of 90 percent in passenger and freight transport in Turkey.


Akbulut pointed out that the intensive use of the highway brought serious problems about traffic safety and road safety, said: ği It is necessary to solve this in a way. 90 of the road load and passenger transport of the fast, train, normal rail transport, sea and air transport transportation, such as transport modes should be transferred. Particularly, the share of railroad in transportation should be increased. In this sense, we see that the share of our country is very low compared to Europe. Recent studies on high-speed train projects will make a significant contribution to road and traffic safety for Afyonkarahisar and other provinces. Traffic and freight traffic on the highways will relieve the traffic flow. It will be a matter of relief in terms of security in terms of taking the same proportion. Railways are the steps to be taken in this sense. Turkey also remains how little late in this study will be an important increase in traffic safety in the future. "


Akbulut talked about the high number of fatal accidents. Akbulut, in terms of the number of deaths in traffic accidents in Turkey as of 10 thousand stressing the need to reduce this number, "meaning when viewed in accordance with the general death rate in traffic accidents in European countries in Turkey very much. When we look at the European Union as a country that we compare ourselves with Europe, the mortality rate is quite high. Every year, the number of deaths in traffic accidents occurs with numbers close to a thousand. This number varies with the number of people who died at the crash site. When we think about the injuries that occur in these traffic accidents, we can say that the cost is not only economical but also socially. For me, one of the most important issues in the country is traffic safety. In terms of people's security, this should be handled seriously and should be addressed m.


Referring to the importance of the freight transport in the choice of railway Akbulut, he expressed that it is essential for the relief of highways, said: "When I made the freight transport in Turkey are you doing with this truck. If you look at the area, freight transport with trucks is not the right approach. We need to look at the reasons for this. The first is the wrong approach in terms of environment and emission release. Because there is too much harmful gas release to the nature. On the other hand, it will cause a very intensive flow in traffic. The top of the highway is very damaging to the performance of the caravan. We see that it is a very expensive method in terms of economy and fuel usage. Whichever way you look at it, it is the most expensive, most risky transportation method if you don't have the railroad if you don't have to carry cargo on the highways by truck. Taraf


Akbulut, high-speed train services are too big for Afyonkarahisar kazanHe stated that he would provide Stating that there will be developments in terms of tourism, accommodation and student potential in the city with the high-speed train services, he asked the authorities to keep their horizons open on this issue. Adding that fast sweat will reveal an important potential not only for Afyonkarahisar but also within the university, Akbulut said: “There are many students who go to Selçuk University in Konya every day from Ankara. Likewise, there will be students who go to Kocatepe University on a daily basis. Making a plan and program for this is very important both for the university and for Afyon in general. We have to be prepared for that.”


Akbulut said that Afyonkarahisar is the intersection point of the roads and that there is a huge traffic load on the city. Akbulut said that the high speed train services will be reduced to Afyonkarahisar and the traffic load of the city will decrease. This is what we do with the research. In other words, more than 38 vehicles will be removed from the roads. Therefore, we know that the traffic pressure in our roads will decrease very seriously ız. (Source: gazetexnumx)

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