Smart Stop Period Has Started in Denizli

smart stop station started in the sea
smart stop station started in the sea

Smart City applications within the scope of the Transportation Portal example of a system that started life passing by Turkey Denizli Municipality has launched the Smart Stop era in public transport system. With the new application of the Smart City awarded Denizli Metropolitan Municipality, citizens will be able to see which bus will pass which station after how many minutes.

Denizli Municipality, the public transport system will be an example to Turkey has launched a new application. Denizlililer, who previously reached a lot of information such as instant location information, bus departure times of city buses from desktop or mobile communication tools, started to use the Smart Stop Information System application since the first day of 2019. Smart Bus Information System, developed by Denizli Metropolitan Municipality IT Department, works through the Transportation Portal application. Thanks to the Smart Stop feature added to the Transportation Portal application, citizens can reach the information of how many minutes after all the line buses will pass there when they arrive at the bus stops with their mobile devices.


The system that works integrated with the instant location information of the buses is working on desktop computers and mobile devices. With the application you will be able to learn the moment that the bus will pass at any stop. In the first stage of the test used Smart Test Information System ulasim.denizli.bel.t is It can be reached via the Transportation Portal or via the mobile application of Denizli Metropolitan Municipality. After a while some of the bus stops used, special panels will be placed, the time of the arrival of the citizens of the buses will follow these panels were expressed.


Denizli Metropolitan Mayor Osman Zolan reminded that they received the Smart City Applications award by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization with 23 different smart city applications. Denizli Municipality of the technological infrastructure of one of Turkey's leading public institution that emphasizes President Osman Zola, interchanges, environmental paths, underpasses and overpasses, and they made millions of pounds of investment in transport such as car parks, citizens all Besides these more convenient and comfortable for travel He also noted that they use the technology at the highest level. Drawing attention to the fact that the buses will pass from which station with the developed application, President Osman Zolan said, “Our citizens, who previously benefited from many facilities such as the locations of their buses, can now learn minute by minute from their station. We continue to lean to the sea in every field, from transportation, infrastructure, culture to social. Good luck. I thank everyone who contributed. ”



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