Service Raised to Bafra


Samsun Metropolitan Mayor Zihni Şahin stated that there has been almost service in Bafra District since 3 May 2018 and said, “Bafra will enter the years of 2019 and 2020 with its problems to a great extent.”

Metropolitan Mayor Zihni Şahin stated that investments in tourism are continuing at full speed in Bafra, with the Kızılırmak Sedesi, intercity terminal, waste water treatment plant projects, and said, "We have completed many services such as infrastructure, roads, sidewalks and illumination."

Metropolitan Municipality, under the direction of Zihni Sahin, especially in the last 7 months started to mobilize investment and services. Bafra came at the top of the districts that benefited most from this investment and service mobilization. The Metropolitan Municipality has accelerated the giant projects such as Kızılırmak Seddesi, Intercity Terminal, Waste Water Treatment, which are of vital importance for the city's future. In addition, a lot of road, pavement and lighting work across the district is completed.

Zihni Şahin, who made explanations about the projects and investments that are being done and being done in Bafra, said, “We have worked very intensively in each district since we took office on May 3, 2018. In this process, 500 kilometers of roads, including hot asphalt, concrete road and surface paved asphalt, were built and presented to the public. We share the services and works we do in each district with our people. We have traveled 10 kilometers in our Bafra district at a cost exceeding 30 million liras. This was not enough, and now we have started a new road work of about 17 million in the amount of 40 million. "The intensive concrete road and asphalt works were included in the project in various parts of the district, including Yaşar Doğu and Alaçam streets and Yeni Mezarlık road, Üçpınar road and route."

If President Zihni Şahin is concerned about some of the investments in the district, he gave the following information:

“Bafra is about to reach its new bus station. The construction of the facility started. On the other hand, we revised the facility, where solid wastes will be disposed, by investing 8 million liras. We completed 2 stages of Kızılırmak Sedde Project. The whole region, which includes Alaçam and Yaşar Doğu streets, starting from the point known as Gendarmerie Command and in the direction of Genclik Caddesi, to Cumhuriyet Square. The tender of the project has been completed. Pressed concrete paving works have been completed on Hasan Aslan Boulevard, Süleyman Türk, Hasan Çakın, Yaşar Doğu and Alaçam streets. We went on to tender recently for the construction of Bafra Cultural Center. Our Bafra gets the cultural center. ”

In the last part of his statements, President Zihni Şahin said, “Bafra will have reached a service of 8 million in a short time like over 100 months. "Good luck to our district and the people of Bafra."



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