Free Zone Bridge Interchange To Be Completed By March 8, 2019

The free zone copter junction 8 will be completed by marta
The free zone copter junction 8 will be completed by marta

Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Menderes Türel and Antalya Governor Münir Karaloğlu visited the Free Zone Köprülü Junction. Mayor Türel stated that this junction, through which 50 thousand vehicles pass during the summer months, is of great importance and announced that the junction is planned to be opened until March 8, 2019, before the tourism season.

Governor Karaloğlu and President Türel, who received information about Free Zone Junction from the Highways 13. Regional Manager Arif Çobanoğlu, then listened to the briefing given at the Highways 13th Regional Directorate Antalya Ring Road Control Chief. Mentioning that the Free Zone Junction is a one-storey bridge junction project that is of great importance for Antalya, Mayor Türel emphasized that Antalya's Metropolitan Municipality and Highways overcome very important problems in solving Antalya's traffic problem.

Expropriation problem solved quickly

Referring to the problem of expropriation for a long time at the Free Trade Zone junction, President Türel said: ılar In order to overcome these problems, the Municipality of Real Estate and the Directorate of Zoning Planning has spent an important time. As always, we have made an excellent cooperation with our Regional Directorate of Highways in order to complete this project quickly. Our Free Zone intersection has gained a great deal of speed when these property problems are overcome. Serbest

To be completed before the tourist season

The Free Zone Junction, along with Uncali Cemetery at the intersection of the Duraliler will be done by the Highways to expand the work explaining the President Türel, the Metropolitan Municipality together with the Highways has demonstrated a nice cooperation on expropriation. Saying that the Free Zone Junction is an important point where the 50 thousand vehicle crosses in summer, Türel said, Başkan Our Regional Manager stated that this intersection could be completed by March 8. The strip extensions at the junction of the Duralans will be completed by March until the 8 March and before the tourist season, the Kemer connection will be a serious relief. Both the comfortable traffic of tourists, the transportation of tourist buses and our citizens living in that region without a quick hesitation will be available to reach our western districts, turist he said.

Intersection is important in terms of agricultural production

Emphasizing that transportation will be provided to the western districts without hesitation, President Türel emphasized that this is of great importance in terms of agricultural production and added that, We will provide the fruit of production from Anatolia at the most reliable way from these intersections il.

President Türel, underlining that these intersections provide a significant saving, ın An average intersection saves 25 million TL a year. Each intersection of citizens of Antalya, fuel and cash is a very important gain in the pocket, he said.

President Türel thanked the Governor Münir Karaloğlu for their cooperation and support in the Regional Directorate of Highways and said, Bölge The completion of this study within the framework of the instructions of our President Mr. Abdullah Gül and our President of the Ministry of Transportation is a new acquisition of Antalya. Başkan

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