Samsun Sivas Railway Train Schedules Start

samsun cross-train train service begins
samsun cross-train train service begins

The final stage has been reached in Samsun Sivas Railway. Trains run trial runs on renewed rails. TCDD officials stated that the line will be in service this month. Samsun Sivas (Kalın) Railway Line, which was built in the first years of the Republic, opened in 1932 and started renovation 3 years ago, has reached the final stage.

European Union (EU) grants with the EU project outside the borders of the biggest project to be launched in the month of railway line will be put into service. On the rails renewed on the line, test runs are performed every day.


The daily train capacity of 60 to 100 will reach 21 from 54 to 95, the annual passenger capacity will be from 168 to 657 million and the freight traffic from 867 to 9.5 will be 5 million tons. On the route from which the travel time will be reduced from XNUMX to XNUMX hours, the level crossings are automatically made barrier-free, while the platforms at the stations and stops are improved to EU standards for disabled access. Test runs on the tracks laid on the line.

For the modernization of the Samsun-Sivas (Kalın) Railway Line, a 220m-euro EU grant and 39m-euro domestic resources were used. Contractors of the Modernization Project were the joint ventures of Çelikler, Gülermak and AZD from the Czech Republic.

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  1. When the road is ready, Sivas is with Samsun suburb. It would be very appropriate to set a train called Southeast, which has a super express train between Samsun and Batman, and stops only in provinces.

    In addition, a train (super express) from Samsun to Mersin will be operated at night. This also contributes to tourism.