Şafak-Güzeloba-Altınova Bus Schedules Started

safak guzeloba altinova bus flights started
safak guzeloba altinova bus flights started

Antalya Metropolitan Municipality, Kepez District Şafak District TCDA49A line that provides access to the center, ÜA26 and LF10 lines and strengthened the route strengthened. With the new lines, access to Şafak Neighborhood was provided to Güzeloba and Kepez State Hospital.

Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Planning and Rail System Department adds new lines to the transportation network every day in order to provide safe, comfortable and uninterrupted public transportation services for the citizens. Kepez District Şafak Mahallesi 5022 The Metropolitan Municipality, which has been activated upon the demand of the citizens living on the street, has added two new lines to the system and expanded the transportation network of the region.

Güzeloba and Altınova with one vehicle
Thanks to the ÜA26 and LF10 lines, citizens are easily transported from Şafak Mahallesi to Güzeloba, Kepez State Hospital and Altınova. With the ÜA26 line, transportation was possible between Şafak, Ünsal, Göçer, Kepez District, Kepez Municipality, Kepez State Hospital, Yeni Hal and Altınova. LF10 line will provide access to Kültür District, Medical Faculty, Meltem, Training and Research Hospital, East Garage, Laura, and Güzeloba region.

New lines created joy
Previously, only the 30 minute to the neighborhood was a hospitable service and the TCDA49A line was on the way to Teomanpaşa. It was welcomed with great joy that the regular transportation of the residents of the neighborhood has been waiting long. Şafak Street residents thanked the residents of the Metropolitan Municipality for their applause.

The neighborhood was migrating
Akile Erdoğan, a resident of the neighborhood who said that the neighborhood had been migrating due to transportation shortages for years, said, ğ I live in the same neighborhood for years. Because of our transportation problem, people have left their neighborhood. Our women going to work, our children going to school had difficulty. We have told our Metropolitan Municipality, we were interested right away. The 30 line is currently serving. Now, thank God we can also go to Uncalı. God bless Allah he said. Akile Erdoğan celebrated the happiness of new transportation services by taking self-service with bus driver.

Our business is solved
Yilmaz Gokce, Şafak Mahallesi District Manager, with the new lines added that citizens can go where they want now, g Previously we were victims of transportation. Transportation to these places was difficult because people were running from the neighborhood and were going to other places. But now this problem has been solved. May Allah be pleased with the Metropolitan Municipality. Allah

Metropolitan has seen this behind us
'We have seen a municipality that has solved problems' said the neighborhood resident who expressed satisfaction and Mukhtar Azasi Umit Yildiz said, mahalle We have told the authorities about the transportation problems of our neighborhood about the transportation department. They took care of it right away. We have seen a municipality that has been solving problems. May Allah bless the President of Menderes and his team. This was the most problematic area in our neighborhood, but now our 3 line is on the 5022 street. The neighborhood residents are very pleased with the regular and extended routes. Mah

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