Citizens whose buses were stuck in snow were rescued in Ödemiş

rescued by strangers on the bus
rescued by strangers on the bus

Ödemis Bozdag bus stuck in the black 46 stranded by citizens, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality teams were rescued. Timely intervention without darkening prevented any negativity.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality teams, ran in the help of citizens stranded in the snow. 46 Citizens moving from the city center at noon to Bozdag by tour bus, faced with an unexpected situation due to heavy snow. Since there was no chain, the tour bus that couldn't make it to Bozdağ was trying to return and the land got stuck and stranded. Arriving to the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Fire Department in a short period of time coming to the scene from the incident on the AKS teams, the health status of the citizens to control the possibility of freezing 10'ar moved to a safe and warm shack in groups. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, which continues to work on the road throughout the day, the snow-combat teams, as soon as the scene of the snow shoveling tools opened the way and made salt series. In a controlled manner, the bus was lowered to the central road, then the passengers continued to take the direction of Ödemiş. The timely intervention of the Metropolitan Municipality teams prevented the 46 from getting dark.



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