Pehlivanköy Kapıkule Line Bridge Reinforcement at the Foot of the Work

pehlivankoy kapikule
pehlivankoy kapikule

Pehlivanköy Kapıkule line Km 35 + 589 strengthening of the bridge at the foot of the job

ABDULLAH ŞAHINLER, with a bid of 1 TL, given the tender for the reinforcement of the foot of the bridge located at Km 2018+695138 on the Pehlivanköy Kapıkule line, with an approximate cost of 513.510,96 TL, with the 35/589 KİK number of the TR State Railways Administration 462.000,00st Regional Material Directorate (TCDD). kazanIs Her.

The tender includes the reinforcement works at the foot of the bridge located at the Pehlivanköy kapıkule line Km 35 + 589. The duration of the work is 90 calendar day from the place delivery.

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