The prospect of revival in automotive

hope of revival in automotive
hope of revival in automotive

📩 03/01/2019 10:53

Automotive Distributors Association (ODD) Chairman Ali Bilaloğlu, SCT and VAT reduction is a very important development of the reduction, he said.

Bilaloğlu, in his written statement yesterday, 2018 increased interest rate, exchange rate and volatility in the automotive sector, while making it difficult to predict the consumer also quickly away from reaching automotive products, he said. Recalling that the situation and needs of the sector are voiced by ODD on all platforms, Bilaloğlu stated that the sector representatives were given the opportunity to express the arrangements that would benefit the economy and the sector and to convey the needs.

Reminding that the arrangements that meet the needs were brought to life with rapid actions, Bilaloğlu reminded that after the introduction of the scrap vehicle application, the special consumption tax bases based on the special consumption tax rates applied to the sector were also updated and additional time was given to the imports of vehicles produced in 2018. Emphasizing that they learned with great pleasure the decision to continue the SCT and VAT discounts until March 31, Bilaloğlu said, “Continuing this regulation is a very important development for the sustainability and support of our sector in the global automotive arena by protecting the automotive ecosystem from the locomotive sectors in the country's economy”. said.

Drawing attention to the fact that the automotive was dragging many sectors, ODD President Ali Bilaloğlu said: “The development of policies that will bring the domestic market of automotive, one of the locomotive sectors of our country, to 1 million levels again, and the sustainability of confidence and stability are also very valuable in terms of our country's economy. It is also valuable in terms of supporting 2019, which is seen as a year of balancing, with the measures taken, facilitating the transition process and the positive effect it creates.

We would like to state that we are grateful to the automotive sector for the supports provided by our Ministry of Treasury and Finance and the opportunities they provide in expressing the needs of the sector in the process. Our sector will continue to do its part for the benefit of our country in this process.

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