New Pedestrian Overpasses Are Being Replaced In Konya

In Konya, Old Yaya Ust Gecitlerinin replaced by new ones
In Konya, Old Yaya Ust Gecitlerinin replaced by new ones

Konya Metropolitan Municipality is renewing its pedestrian overpasses at different points in the city. Instead of the old pedestrian overpasses on the Istanbul Yolu and Beyşehir Road, where the demolition was completed, the construction of new overpasses with escalators and underfloor heating started.

Konya Metropolitan Municipality has started 3 new pedestrian overpass construction at different points of the city in order to renew the overpasses that have completed its economic life.

Mayor of Konya Metropolitan Municipality Uğur İbrahim Altay stated in his statement on the subject that the Metropolitan Municipality continued the construction of pedestrian overpasses in places where the pedestrians are needed to ensure the passage of pedestrians in a comfortable and safe way.

President Altay reminded that they did pedestrian overpasses on the main streets, especially in front of the schools where pedestrian and pedestrian traffic poses a danger to the students and the traffic of the students. We have completed the demolition work on the pedestrian overpass in front of Beyşehir Yolu Fatih Industrial Vocational High School with overpasses. We aim to present our modern pedestrian overpasses with escalators, elevators and elevators to the service of our citizens as soon as possible X.

13 will cost million pounds 3 separate pedestrian overpass auction time 100 days.

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