New 'Stadium' Idle, Like 'The Ropeway' Darphane!

new stadium bosta ropeway like mint
new stadium bosta ropeway like mint

The new stadium of the local government turns into a vortex, while the cable car it delivers to the private sector works like a mint.
With the process of Christmas Yıl
Bursa's cable car is in the national media!
20 2 passenger with the old system 15 passenger 17 120 minutes from time to time, while the 800 passenger can be moved, the new system with the number of passengers per hour thousand XNUMX'e reach.
The new ropeway where 8 can be used in 75 with the time intervals that can be called in minutes, brought Uludag closer.
Despite this situation Bu
Due to snow and Christmas yıl
A lot of long queues are formed.
These photos ...
It also means a photograph of the box office revenue generated by the private business, and the income does not remain as such.
As a round-trip Gidiş
Citizens, 27 TL for students and 38 TL for adults are being charged, while outdoor parking also brings money.
Foreign nationals, 80 TL is applied.
With parking service Otopark
6 TL is charged in the first hour and 4 TL is applied for every next hour. All day, 26 is charged as a TL.
The… New Bursa Cable Car yapılan is a project that has been brought to the agenda by the Bursa Metropolitan Municipality in cooperation with the private sector.
Since the Bursa Metropolitan Municipality does not have a statement, it is not fully known socially and is not reflected by the media.
Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, who spent 2 times a month on an 3 basis and made an 400 million TL for the XNUMX month, could do its own new ropeway application.
What's even more interesting Daha
Bursa Metropolitan Municipality rented the new stadium to Bursaspor for 60 thousand TL per month, but since it could not get the rent, it has a receivable exceeding 2.5 million TL. (Serkan İnceoğlu - I

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