'Certificate of Appreciation' for Employees Over 20 Years at MOTAŞ

Thank you to the staff who completed the 20 year
Thank you to the staff who completed the 20 year

📩 28/01/2019 13:56

At the ceremony held in the administrative building of MOTAŞ, General Manager Enver Sedat Tamgacı gave a ende Certificate of Appreciation Müdür to ​​the personnel who completed the 20 year in different units of the institution.

The General Manager of MOTAŞ, who has complied with the staff in the program, stated that they have organized such a program to commemorate the efforts and the sacrifice made and the sacrifices that have been put in the years left behind with bitter / sweet memories; Ve Thank you for your 20 years of self-sacrifice and devotion that you have experienced in Malatya Public Transport; I wish to work together for many years in this area where we serve with the utmost care of the physician iyle.

Stating that the given labor must be seen as sacred and deserved the necessary respect, the General Director of MOTAŞ stated the following:

Tir 20 means years of labor. For years, this profession, the people of Malatya and the municipality you have a great accumulation in return for the services you have done. We should see and compliment it as managers. Because we are a big and strong family. It is possible to act in a team spirit, together with the unity and the heart of the family. In this sense, we are grateful to you. We have expressed our gratitude with the documents we provide Bu

Dur It is an honor for me to be with you, who is the night, the day without day, showing an example of altruism beyond the notion of overtime. Hakka service as a service to the public service. I would like to express my satisfaction for acting jointly with all my unit friends arkadaşlar

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