The Bridge Connecting Marmaris Port and Kısayalı is Renewed

marmaris port and copula
marmaris port and copula

Due to the aging of the bridge connecting Marmaris Port and Kısayalı and the danger of collapse, the new project prepared by Muğla Metropolitan Municipality is being realized and made more modern.

Marmaris Port, which was transferred to Muğla Metropolitan Municipality in July 2016 by the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, continues to be renewed. Muğla Metropolitan Municipality, which has been continuing its efforts to raise the quality and service standards of Marmaris Port, has recently started its work on completing the life span of a single bridge connecting Liman and Kısayalı.

Due to the aging of the bridge used by the citizens and the danger of collapse, the Metropolitan Municipality and Netsel Turizm Yatırımları A.Ş. The protocol for the renewal of the bridge was signed.

Muğla Metropolitan Municipality said in the statement made by the Metropolitan Municipality of the renovation process of the last stage, while the defeat study identified previously identified in the bridge was highlighted in deficiencies. The statement was made in the partnership of the two institutions, the following statements were given;

X The 15 grade of the existing bridge is planned to be reduced to 8 with the new bridge to ensure that pedestrian crossings can be more easily provided and also to avoid problems in the entrance of the boats within the stream. Our new bridge, which is about to be completed, has been designed as 35.20 meter length and 4,50 meter wide steel construction. In addition, the pedestrian pathway is manufactured with reinforced concrete polyurethane material and the bridge railings are designed with iroko wooden handrails on stainless steel. In order to provide a more modern visual appearance of the bridge, the bridge, which has been illuminated, will be applied to the reinforced concrete flooring which has been completed with the weather condition and the long-lasting coating material will be applied. Our bridge is now opened for pedestrian transportation. However, according to the protocol, our works starting on the date of 06.11.2018 will be completed until the date of 15.01.2019.



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