Marmaray Working Hours 2019

marmaray working hours 2019
marmaray working hours 2019

Citizens who want to get rid of Istanbul's heavy traffic and reach their destination quickly are browsing Marmaray working hours.

Marmaray is a suburban train system serving in Istanbul. Construction of the Marmaray Tunnel under the Bosphorus and on the European side Halkalı It is a project of improvement and development of a 76 km suburban line located between Gebze on the Anatolian side and along the Marmara Sea. There are a total of 3 stations, 5 of which are opened, underground.


The Fountain of Separation - Kazlıçeşme: 06: 00: 00: 00
Kazlıçeşme - Fountain of Separation: 06: 00 - 00: 00



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