Kocaeli: A Plaque From The Metropolitan To Its Most Experienced Driver


Nuri Beneçi 81, the most experienced public transportation minibus driver in Kocaeli, presented a plaque by the Metropolitan Municipality for its successful services and made its last expedition. Was born in 58. 1938. Named Kooperatife connected to the private public bus driver was doing. The oldest member of the co-operative, Nuri Bennose, was retired from all tests and tests.


Nuri Benneçi, the oldest member of the cooperative, started driving in 1955. Izmit used one of the first public transportation vehicles in the city, on the streets of Izmit, the 58 year shook the road. In spite of her advanced age, Benneçi continued her duties in this field of tests and tests. She left her job because of going to her daughter. On the last working day, 81 Bennuchu, who shook the steering wheel, visited Salih Kumbar, Head of Public Transport, in his office.

Benneçi, who visited Salih Kumbar, Head of Public Transportation Department, was visited by Mustafa Kurt, the Chairman of Kocaeli Minibus and Bus, and SS. Local Public Transport Cooperative Chairman of 5 Lokman Aydemir was accompanied. Salih Kumbar, Head of Public Transport, who thanked Benneçi for his services; Esi Our brother Nuri is the oldest member of the cooperative. 58 has performed an important mission throughout the year. Our people have always served friendly. I congratulate him on these services. And I hope that it will set an example for all drivers. Ve

Nuri Benneçi, who stopped driving at the age of 81 “In 1961, I started to use buses. Actually I shook the steering wheel on the streets of Izmit 58 year. I'm quitting now. You will not forget that this work carries the most important task. When it's time, you have to quit this job. It was my last day. There are certain criteria for doing this profession. Reflex loss, when the eyes begin to see and lose their hearing is the time to leave these jobs. You will not forget that you are carrying a car and you will leave what you are doing when the place comes. Can

Salih Kumbar, Head of Public Transport Department, presented a plaque and a certificate of appreciation to Nuri Benneçi for his annual service. . I would like to thank Salih Kumbar, the Head of the Public Transport Department, and the authorities of the Metropolitan Municipality for giving me this document since I have been working for so many years. Ben

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