Kemerburgaz Dekovil Line Reconstruction Project Canceled

The reconstruction project of the beltburgaz decovil line was also canceled
The reconstruction project of the beltburgaz decovil line was also canceled

📩 28/01/2019 11:18

After the cancellation of the Kemerburgaz Dekovil / Train Line, the construction project was canceled. Northern Forests Defense, "Istanbul has a future for the economy to be under pressure and the city should not grow under any pressure," he said.

The Northern Forest Group made a “victory statement ov upon the cancellation of the zoning plans for this project following the açık Kemerburgaz Dekovil / Train Line Tender Kuzey.

The nature protectionist activist group, which has been fighting for the forests and water basins in the north of Istanbul, has taken action upon the emergence of the project and launched a comprehensive campaign. Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) gave up the railway line, and then the Northern Forests Defense, which affirmed that they canceled the development plans, made the following statement: and, after a step, we demanded that the public will be accepted as a further division of the forest and that the decovil line should be permanently canceled on this basis. In order to claim the Belgrad Forest, one of the last natural forest areas of Istanbul, the project of the decovil line had to be completely shelved. It is also true that the IMM annul the zoning plans for this line. Then we said it again, now again. The northern forests need to be protected from the construction capital that Istanbul wants to expand to the north, so Istanbul has a future. All new transportation lines and new zoning area projects in and around the Northern Forests need to be canceled. For Istanbul to have a future, the economy should not be subdued by the pressures and the city should not be raised to the north in any way. İstanbul


With the tender held under the name of 'Haliç-Kemerburgaz Dekovil Line Construction Work' on February 1, 2017, extending to Ayvadbendi in the first place; It was intended to build a train line on the Black Sea coast, going to Ağaçlı and Yovankoru, which would divide the Belgrad Forest. In October 2017, it was revealed that it was canceled by the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality. The tender was canceled and the project was put on the agenda at the IMM Assembly on January 18, 2019. In the joint report of the Transport and Traffic Commission and the Zoning Commission, the proposal for the zoning plan amendment regarding the decovile / train line was officially canceled. This decision was taken unanimously at the parliamentary session on January 18, 2019 (Source: Dilaver Demirağ - Newspaper Wall)

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