Karaman Deputy Ünver Asking About Unfinished Transportation Projects

karaman deputies asked the transportation project title is ending 2
karaman deputies asked the transportation project title is ending 2

Republican People's Party Karaman Deputy Att. İsmail Atakan Ünver gave a question to the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure. Unver, the proposal-unexplained investments in Karaman to the high-speed train line; asked the ministry to answer many questions from the airport to the ring road project.

During the 2019 budget negotiations, CHP Karaman Deputy Attorney, who asked the Minister of Transport and Infrastructure about the fate of the Karaman-Konya high-speed train line but received no response. İsmail Atakan Ünver made a proposal to the ministry this time. Unverting CHP's Ünver; state, without exception and work for the welfare of every citizen will live in a Turkey where the social state guarantee every citizen has emphasized the need to build an economic system.

The motion of the question given to the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure; "How much is Karaman in the ranking of investments of your ministry?" He began, asked all the investments and the amount of investment Karaman and districts. Today, the government suspended many projects due to economic problems; In Karaman, CHP Karaman Deputy Av. İsmail Atakan Ünver; ? Is there any investment plan for your Ministry in Karaman and its districts for the coming period? If so, what is the budget, start and end dates of these projects? Anlı and asked for answers to the Ministry's whereabouts of the 2019 investment program.

Those who were curious about the fate of the Karaman-Konya high-speed train line that Unver brought to the agenda in 2019 budget negotiations and the Minister of Transport and Infrastructure did not respond, was included in the question proposal. “Although it is promised that the high speed line between Karaman and Konya, which was launched in 2014, will be completed almost every year, this investment cannot be completed. Is there a date that your Ministry foresees for the opening of the Karaman-Konya high speed line? If yes, what is this date? ” Ünver, who asked for an answer to the question of when the Karaman-Konya high-speed train line will be completed, asked the 21-km city pass (ring road) project. Expressing that the ring road project was stopped, CHP Karaman Deputy Ünver said; “Does your Ministry have a prediction for the date that the construction of the 21 km Karaman city pass (ring road) will be completed? If yes, what is this date? ” asked.

Karaman's largest district, Ermenek and Başyayla and Sarıveliler direct, indicating that the highway does not have the right to connect with the Unver, Karamanlı compatriots to go to the districts of Konya or the province of Mersin said they had to go through the borders. Ünver stated that the travel time to these districts is between 2,5-3 hours. Dur It is a grave situation that the direct connection between the districts (Ermenek, Başyayla and Sarıveliler) in the Taşeli region of Karaman has not been achieved for years. When is your ministry asked to complete the road line that will connect Karaman directly to Ermenek district and other districts in the region via the road to Bucakkışla? Bak.

Finally, Unver asked the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure regarding Karaman Airport, which is in the investment program, and asked whether the ministry had a date for the construction and completion of the airport project.

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