IŞBAN Worker Attack Initiative

attack of izban
attack of izban

Medi The strike was postponed, but İZBAN did not fall on İzmir's agenda. Due to faults in the flights, passengers attempted to attack by targeting the workers. Se

With the signature of President Tayyip Erdoğan, the İZBAN strike was postponed. However, the discussion in Izmir is not over.

Due to the troubles in İZBAN, the workers who are in the workplace have been subjected to the verbal and physical violence of some passengers.

State Railways lifted the rails on the Çiğli-Menemen line. But the i sabotage workers i discourse spread.

Ahmet Güler, Chief Labor Representative of İZBAN, told about the problems experienced by laborers.

Guler stressed that the AKP and the CHP are holding hands and preventing the worker from seeking the right.

Ahmet Güler, who works as a machinist in İZBAN, thanked the National Channel for his publications. (Source: National)


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