General Manager January: ama DHMİ Contributes to both Economy and Employment Genel

general mudur heath dhmi contributes to both economy and employment
general mudur heath dhmi contributes to both economy and employment

Funda Ocak, the Chairman and General Manager of the State Airports Authority (DHMİ), made important statements about our activities in TRT Radio News program which he participated as a live guest.

In the interview, January, who advised young people to make career planning in the aviation sector, said aviation would continue to grow.

Highlights from General Manager's comments:

particularly with aviation since 2003 Turkey has made significant progress in the globalization process. As part of this development, the number of passengers using the airline, which was 34 million at that time, exceeded 2018 million according to 210 data. Our number of aircraft has exceeded 2 million. In addition, we manage the 1 million square meter airspace very successfully.

When we included Istanbul Airport, which was opened by our President on 29 October, the number of airports used open reached 56.

Our 56 airport was used by our 210 million passengers. Of course this is an important number, an important achievement.

In the last 16 yearly period, air transportation has been introduced to our people and the airway has become the way of the people.

An important part of this figure also consists of our passengers coming from our country and leaving foreign exchange. I can say that we have a nice number and a nice performance in domestic and international flights.


İzmir Adnan Menderes Airport is an airport that has received important awards in terms of architecture, aesthetics and environmental friendliness. Our international airport has a wide range of equipment for the comfort of all domestic passengers.


DHMI is an organization that both manages 1 million square meters of Turkish airspace and operates all airports across the country. Of course, our organization also carries out an important employment policy in this sense. As of now, it provides indirect and direct employment to 17 thousand. Together with our permanent staff and service purchases, we have reached the number I just mentioned. Of course, we also earn significant income from the operation of these airports. We spend a significant part of our revenues in the service of the sector, through investments for the comfort of passengers and aircraft. The amount we spent on investments this year exceeded 1 billion Turkish lira. Again, we pay a share to the treasury every year from the revenues we earn. The amount we paid as corporate tax, income tax and budget contribution exceeded 2018 billion Turkish lira in 3. In other words, 1 billion lira investment in the sector kazanWe contributed to the economy by 3 billion liras.

An important feature of our organization is to be in an international market. As a result of the globalization process, air transportation has become more prominent among all transportation routes. The international field provides important job opportunities for young people.


Air traffic control is a very important, serious occupation. I call on young people in terms of job satisfaction and material satisfaction. They must include the aviation sector in their portfolio in future plans. If they want to work in a really important area, which is dominated by national and international legislation, I think it is time to think about aviation seriously.


Istanbul airport is, after all, an important project, which Mr. Clan has declared as the national project he has supported since the very beginning. Even at the opening they described it as a monument of glory, you know Hatta

A really important project is a masterpiece that will provide us with the focal point superiority in all aspects, especially the size of financing, its employees, and the transit of our passengers, especially in the transit of transit passengers. In 2012 we started the work of this and thankfully we have put into service. When this wonderful project is realized with all its phases, it will provide a great advantage to our country both in terms of contribution to the economy and contribution to the world civil aviation.


As in the past, providing 2019 passenger comfort and flight safety will be our number one goal. We continue our uninterrupted work for this purpose. We also intend to provide our contributions to economy and employment. We are planning new investments and working as a team. Together with our friends, our most important project is to make DHMİ an international global scale brand within the year of 2019. Our work on this has begun. Hopefully in the 2019 we will carry this issue from theory to practice.

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