Memorandum of Understanding at Gediz Junction

gediz agreed
gediz agreed

Manisa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Cengiz Ergün, who is the guest of Gündem Özel program prepared and presented by Erdinç Yumrukaya in the joint publication of ETV and Manisa Web Tv, made explanations about the agenda. Gediz Crossroads, which are closely monitored by the Manisas, have announced an agreement between institutions and the project will be completed in 2021 to a large extent. Another issue that President Ergün has announced to the public was that the contract of the Old Garage New Project with the contractor was terminated under the law published in 18 January 2019.

Cengiz Ergün, Mayor of Manisa Metropolitan Municipality, was the guest of Gündem Özel program which was prepared and presented by Erdinç Yumrukaya. President Ergun recently made statements about the developments in Manisa and announced that the agreement between State Railways, Karayollor and Manisa Metropolitan Municipality about the construction of Gediz Junction, which is closely related to Manisa, was provided. Approximately 4 years for the construction of the Gediz Junction in the point of the work voicing President Ergun, the project will probably come to life in 2021 heralded. Cengiz Ergün, Mayor of Manisa Metropolitan Municipality said, C One of the biggest problems we have been dealing with this period was the Gediz Intersection. Highways and State Railways, both institutions for the Gediz Junction before the clover project had done many years ago. However, the projects were suspended due to the lack of large-scale expropriations. Here, the 18 application was made to negotiate. In 2014, the zoning plans could not be settled because of not. Two months before the election in 2014, if the zoning plans had been past the intersection could have been the starting point. The fast train project of that period would pass through Manisa. We expressed our hesitations on the subject and made the necessary interventions. It's been 1 years. The State Railways realized that the cost of the 8 junction on the route was high and the project was taken to the highway. State Railways said the project line got my pass priority when it came to the garage, the highways clovers were canceled. State Railways also designated a station near the Wastewater Treatment Plant as a stroke station. We have stated that it is not possible for the passengers to land in the vicinity of the new garage. Interviews continued. Thanks to our General Secretary Aytaç Yalçınkaya, he has great efforts. The high-speed train station of the State Railways was mounted next to the garage. Highways project made. We brought the two institutions together. Interviews were held in Izmir and Ankara. When the highways cleared these works, the drawing of new projects started. I hope it ends by summer. In case of allocating the highways budget, we worked together with the expropriation and crossing points. The construction tender will now be made. Information I received from the Regional Director of the Directorate of Highways during the opening of the Sabuncubeli Tunnels; projects were prepared. 2019 will be auctioned in June. 2020-2021 ends like a er he said.

Old Garage New Project at Termination Point
Cengiz Ergün, mayor of Manisa Metropolitan Municipality, announced that he was at the termination point of Eski Garaj Yeni Proje, which is planned to be built in the area where the old garage is located. one they did at the national level in the year 2015 the project's base study projects that start with the competition later in the world and Turkey's most important architects located between Emre Arolat with reminding about 2 year period prepared the project after the work President Ergun, "nationally in 2015 a project competition. 110 joined the project. When we called the winner, he asked for a great number. When we saw the figure, we gave up this job. We've got a charity. Later on, one of the world's best architects and Turkey's Emre Arolat Our conversation began with. He has many well-known projects. Emre Arolat, about a year and a half with the planning of the rate. We discussed the details. 165 is a construction area of ​​over one thousand square meters. Bin 800 car park with underground parking which I think; Manisa's parking problem would be solved by 70 percent. There were transparent buildings on which the city hall and art exhibitions were held. 1200-600-200 will be a town hall where Manisa will carry the year of 1000, together with salons, shops, 50 counter market, cafeterias and library. Sure, great cost. Since 2015, we could not get the loan from Iller Bank. 3 was published in the Official Gazette the day before. We made the tender for the Old Garage New Project. 450-500 is the investment of millions with the resulting price increases. Our income is not available. According to the law in the official newspaper on Friday, we are now at the point of mutual dissolution with the contractor. 3 will take years to start the company. Every month there are about 20 million pounds to find money. This doesn't work with water. At the termination point for now. I don't know if the process ahead will bring different alternatives. The circumstances of Turkey, which if recovered if Manisa Prime foreign origin sold to investors at a cost as 450-500 million, will transfer the input of investment there. Another alternative may be Soma BIS. 250 million pounds, 500 million pounds. 500 million pounds from other investments are transferred to other investments continue. But it is not possible to do the old garage under these conditions, Fakat he said.

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