Solar Charging Station for Tram Stops in Gaziantep

solar charging station at tram stops in gaziantepte
solar charging station at tram stops in gaziantepte

Solar Charge Station, which was developed by Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality, was installed in Gazimuhtarpaşa Tram Stop and Gaziantep University Tram Stop.

Providing free charging to citizens waiting at tram stops, Büyükşehir has developed a Solar Charging Station that produces electricity from solar energy as a prototype. In line with the change in communication methods, the Metropolitan Municipality has designed the station that it has developed in order to create an environment that transforms the mass communication into interpersonal communication when the phone's energy decreases.

Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality Directorate of Reconstruction and Urbanization The Solar Charging Station, implemented by the Ecological City Design Directorate, took its name from the design of each other, which is facing each other and communicating with each other while using the product.

The product, which displays an environmentally friendly profile since it provides all of its energy from renewable energy sources, offered wired and wireless charging thanks to solar panels. In the design of the Solar Charging Station, which can charge six mobile phones at the same time; Iroko wood material was used, considering it to be recyclable and natural. On the metal part of the product, a hybrid stance is given to the product. kazanGrinded chrome material took place in order to make it look better and to adapt to the outdoors.

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