Daily 500 Thousand People Use Public Transport in Gaziantep

gaziantepte daily 500 thousand people are using public transport
gaziantepte daily 500 thousand people are using public transport

Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality provides public transport services to the citizens through yellow-blue public buses, municipal buses and trams. The 500 transported per day carries the 50 of the yellow vans, the 20 of the blue public buses, the 15 of the municipal buses and the 15 of the trams.

2015 uses 30 a thousand people a day for free transfer. There is no charge for public transport within an hour. 10 of the passengers carried on the day, disabled, 65 over the age of, free of martyrs and veterans, such as free passengers, 30'in students, teachers, such as discounted passengers. As a metropolitan municipality, there is a support fee for public transport trades.

For the first time, the rail system began operating on the 1 March 2011 with a single path and an 9 kilometer line. In the following years, the 3 route and 22 are on the kilometer. In 2016, the length of the station was extended to 70 meters. With the commissioning of the Courthouse-Burç Junction line in order to meet the demands of the citizens, the rail system line serves on three routes. 45 of the tram passengers is composed of students. In 2014, the average number of 21 trolley runs in 4 41 year after year. In 2014, the 100 thousand-day maximum passenger capacity increased by 50 to 150. Accordingly, the total number of passengers per year 16 million, the 2018 was finally 21 million.

2014 132 in 4 235 years later 1300'e output. 2018 saw the 2 bin at 2014 daily. In 109, the number of villages and neighborhoods where 2018 buses were sent increased in 237 to 50. 78 thousands of passengers carried between the dates in question, found the XNUMX thousand. In line with the demands of visually impaired citizens for the first time in Turkey, it was commissioned external audible information systems for public transport.

7 February Bike Rental System (GAZİBİS) was launched in 2017, the stadium, Kalealtı, Democracy Square, Maanoğlu Park, Masal Park, Wonderland, GAUN, 7 station and 108 bike system enable healthy journey. In August 2018, the system was integrated into Gaziantep Kart. Gaziantep Kart also can be rented by bike. The number of members registered in 2017; 577 2018 11 752'e reached 2019. In 30 the new target was determined to reach the registered member of 12 bin. The number of bicycles used was 085 bin 44 290 bin XNUMX.

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