Train Accident in Florya

train accident in istanbul security camera
train accident in istanbul security camera

In Florya, Istanbul Halkalı-The railway vehicle, which made a test drive on the Gebze suburban line, and the vehicle that laid the power line collided in Florya. Three people injured in the accident, taken to hospital

The Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure stated in the statement about the accident that was closed to railway traffic in Istanbul, and that two workers carrying work and materials collided and two workers were injured as a result of jumping from the vehicle.

In a written statement from the Ministry, today hours of 09: 30 waters off the railway traffic Kazlıçeşme-Halkalı It was stated that a UNIMOG backhoe loader and a catenary vehicle entered the line to carry work and materials on the Florya-Aquarium section of the railway route and said, "The two machines in question collided with each other and two workers were injured as a result of the incident." expression was given.

The statement, some of the press in the broadcasting of the test drive of the test case of the accident does not reflect the fact that the statement was stressed.

Images of the moment of the accident in Florya also appeared. Images include the head-to-head collision of trains.

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