Record Engine Production from Oyak Renault

engine production
engine production

📩 11/01/2019 10:53

Turkey's largest automobile and engine manufacturer Oyak Renault engine producing 602 421 thousand has signed a new record. Oyak Renault once again reinforced its leadership in the industry with its high production and export performance.

Oyak Renault entered 2019 in record breaking engine production. Their gearbox, the chassis and engine producing Turkey's largest integrated automobile company Oyak Renault, performing thousands 2018 602 421 engine production in the year broke a new record. Oyak Renault, which laid the foundation for the new high-pressure aluminum injection plant last year, reached the highest figure in a year in the production of engines, with the motto of, Zero Defect, Zero Accident, and occupational safety and quality.

Oyak Renault, Oyak Renault Director General of the record engine production within a year, Agenda Antoine Aoun, Renault Group celebrated with a ceremony attended by top management officials and employees.
Aoun: devam Oyak Renault will continue to break new records A

Oyak Renault General Manager Antoine Aoun said about Oyak Renault's record-engine production: We are proud of breaking a historic record with 602 bin 421. In 2019, Oyak Renault will continue to contribute to the national economy and the development of the automotive industry with our 50 knowledge and experience. X
20 reached the number of engines produced in the first 1 year

Motor and mechanical components produced in Bursa are exported to be used in Renault Group factories through Renault Nissan International Logistics Center. Starting from the 2018 year in which the Oyak Renault Automobile Factories began operating with the number of 602 thousand 421 units produced in 1971, the 20 reached the total engine figure produced throughout the year.

Renault Group, which Oyak Renault positioning as a motor production base of diesel and gasoline to be produced by six different engine type, outside Turkey, France, Spain, Slovenia, South Africa, Morocco, India and is used in vehicles manufactured in Romania.


Bursa Oyak Renault Automobile Factories, annual 378 thousand cars and 920 thousand motor production volume with one of the highest capacity of Renault is one of the facilities. Oyak Renault produces Clio IV, Clio Sport Tourer and New Megane Sedan models and also manufactures and exports motor and mechanical parts used in these models.

There are Body-Assembly and Mechanical-Chassis Factories, R & D Center and International Logistics Center in the production facilities established in Bursa on 582.483 m2. Oyak Renault Automobile Factories established in Bursa in 1969, 2018 by the end of the year 7 provides employment to over a thousand people.

Oyak Renault has become the first Turkish car manufacturer to have its Quality Assurance System approved by 1996 in 9001. Oyak Renault Automobile Factories, which received ISO 1999 certificate with esinde zero error politik in September 14001, operates within the framework of Renault Group's environmental policy.

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