Accessibility Will Be Provided with Smart Masts

ease of transportation with smart poles
ease of transportation with smart poles

Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality Department of Transportation by the new Smart pillars are being passed to life. Pistil, enerji With the increasing number of smartphone users every day, charging problems with solar energy to charge the phone with the 'Smart Direction Indirect' green energy offers an environmentally friendly solution. Serdivan Mavi Durak, Serdivan Shopping Center and Erenler We established our systems in Yunus Emre Park. There are also USB charging and non-contact charging features of the Intelligent Poles.

A new application is being implemented by the Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Department. Intelligent Solutions with Green Energy 'Smart Mast Indirect' system with citizens; They will benefit from USB charging, contactless charging, free internet and smart lighting. Founded at different points of the city, 'Smart Direk Intenek'ler will also serve as a gathering point in possible disaster situations.

4 different feature
Fatih Pistil, the head of the Transportation Department who explained the new work, said, andaş We are implementing the il Smart Solutions with Smart Energy esi work with Green Energy to enable our citizens to use the internet, charge their phones and use the lighting systems while they are waiting for the minibus or bus. Serdivan Mavi Durak, Serdivan AVM and Erenler have established our systems in Yunus Emre Park. Hopefully, we will soon meet our new poles with our citizens yeni.

Energy from solar energy
Continuing his speech, Pistil said, sı Smart Direk Intege devam offers an environmentally friendly solution with green energy. With the haline Smart Direk Endirek da, which stores energy with solar energy, a dynamism will be added to the environment. In the event of possible natural disasters, 'Smart Direk Intenek' said that no city grid electricity is needed and that it can serve as an uninterrupted assembly point in all conditions because it works completely with solar energy.

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