Diyarbakir Metropolitan Services Signed Important Services in Transportation

diyarbakir signed important services in big city transportation
diyarbakir signed important services in big city transportation

Diyarkart'an 1, which has been sold in paid way to citizens, distributes free of charge to citizens, Diyarbakir Metropolitan Municipality has completed the Traffic Training Park which was built on 10 thousand square meter area and opened the service to many points. presented the service to the service of the smart junction system on the boulevards.

Diyarbakir Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Department, which works for more comfortable, economical and comfortable public transportation services, distributed Xnumx million Diyarkart free of charge to citizens in order to spread the card boarding system in 2018 year.

Air conditioned stops are becoming widespread

Diyarbakir Metropolitan Municipality, considering the temperature of the air with the cold and closed to different points of the city has installed a stop. There are 18 / 7 security cameras, bookshelves, summer-winter air-conditioning, handicapped ramp and 24 seating area in the 12 stands. The installation of closed air-conditioned stops will continue in 2019. Outside the city center, 13 districts were located at the designated points of the district and passenger stops were placed in rural areas.

Intelligent intersection system activated

The Department of Transportation has introduced the Smart Junction System at the 4 junction of the central district of 56 in order to reduce the traffic density in the city. It was established in Traffic Control Center parallel to Smart Junction System. It changes the signal times according to the vehicle density at the central intersections and prevents traffic obstructions.

82 new bus taken

In 2017, Diyarbakir Metropolitan Municipality, which has expanded its public transport vehicle fleet by purchasing 32 natural gas-powered environmentally friendly bus, introduced 2018 buses in the year of 50 to the service of the citizens. The new buses with the carrying capacity of 90 also have ramp systems suitable for the use of disabled people. Free mobile internet and charging services are provided to citizens in public transport.

Free transportation on Thursdays, exams and holidays

Every Thursday, the citizens of the district of 17, public transportation vehicles to the cemeteries free transport Transport Department, students on the dates of examinations, all the citizens of the public free use of public transport vehicles. The vehicles provided free ring service to students at Dicle University campus.

% 75 increase in neighborhoods

Diyarbakir Metropolitan Municipality, which has accelerated new route studies between 2017-2018 for the citizens to benefit from cheap, comfortable and safe public transportation, opened routes in the 380 neighborhood where no public transportation service was provided and increased the transportation% 75 throughout the city.

Diyarbakır Metropolitan Municipality carried out road marking, slab, traffic, kasis (speed breaker), ground and direction works for pedestrian, vehicle safety on road paved road. VMS (variable message) system was installed in the streets which are used extensively for drivers to get information about traffic rules and road and weather conditions. Button signaling system was introduced for safe passage of pedestrians while 7 intersection was introduced for visually impaired people.

Studies completed in Traffic Training Park

Diyarbakir Metropolitan Municipality, the traffic, conscious, respectful, pedestrian, passenger and drivers to train in Baglar Bağcılar district built on a total area of ​​10 thousand square meters Traffic Training Park, completed work on the 240 square bike path, 2 pieces of simulator device, street and intersection samples students in the park where the traffic training will perform in this area. Thousands of trees and flowers of different kinds were planted in the park where all the materials from A to Z were found.

West District Bus Station started to serve

The Department of Transportation started to provide services to the West District Bus Station, which has been constructed in order to facilitate the transportation of the citizens traveling to the outer districts in the west of the city and to reduce the urban traffic.

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