DHMI 3 Bin 619 will recruit staff

dhmi will make 3 bin 619 staff recruitment
dhmi will make 3 bin 619 staff recruitment

Within the scope of the General Directorate of State Airports Authority "DHMİ", a total of 4734 personnel will be recruited through the "Open Tender Procedure" included in the Public Procurement Law No. 3. Personnel recruitment tender for DHMI recruitment will be held in Ankara on Tuesday, February 619.

DHMI recruitment quotas are as follows: A total of 184 staff will be recruited to DHMI, including 47 shift staff recruitment, 3 project staff recruitment, and 388 security staff recruitment.

Applications for the procurement of DHMI staff by the winning unit will start at 1 April 2019.

How will the terms of application for DHMI staff recruitment? Being a citizen of the Republic of Turkey, not deprived of public rights, at least high school graduate or its equivalent, to have completed the 18 years, which may be preventing the performance of the task with disabilities need to have the body and mental illness.

5188 14 of the special security basic education specified in the article, the security of the private security personnel and the dictation of the physical appearance must be smooth.

DHMI personnel recruitment BOY and WEIGHT requirement! There is a condition that men should not exceed 170 kg less than 10 kg of the last two digits of the height in proportion to height 15 cm and above, and weight in height. In women, there is the condition that the height of 160 cm and above, and the weight in proportion to the height, does not exceed 10 kg minus the last two figures of the height - 15 kg.

It is stated that height, weight and age criteria will not be searched in the shift supervisors and project managers. Furthermore, there is a condition for not being sentenced to a prison term of one year or more for a deliberate offense committed for DHMI recruitment. (Source: My menu is)

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