State Airports Authority General Manager Funda in January, 'DHMİ Running Turkey Flying'

dhm the general manager of heath furnace is trying dhm turkey floats
dhm the general manager of heath furnace is trying dhm turkey floats

Funda Ocak, General Manager and Chairman of the Board of State Airports Authority, gave information about the ongoing projects in the share he made from his official twitter account.

Here are the shares of General Manager January:

Our country has achieved a great progress in the field of civil aviation and has gained a respectable place in world civil aviation with the fastest development in Europe. There was no doubt that the transportation policies implemented in the last 17 year were effective in capturing this success chart.

I can say that our country is equipped with more modern airports and terminals than its counterparts in the world. DHMİ has become a global brand in terms of business and advanced technological infrastructure.

Many of our airports have won prestigious awards by signing the records that left behind the European giants. We are proud of the success of crowning these achievements with Istanbul Airport, the biggest project of our Republic's history in the airline sector.

This magnificent work that dazzle the whole world, not just the Middle East, Turkey is not at the center of Europe and Asia, will be the epicenter of the global air transport.

As it stated in our Istanbul Airport as well as Turkey to carry out many important projects in question and in general we are taking our signature large investments to sustain success.

In addition to the construction and renovation works of terminal buildings and pat fields, a total of 34 construction projects are being carried out, including various building and airport rehabilitation works.

As of the end of 2018, the construction of Muş Sultan Alparslan and Kahramanmaraş Airport Terminal Building and Kars Harakâni Airport, Van and Antalya Airports Pat Fields were completed.

Balıkesir (Central) Airport Terminal Building Construction is planned to be completed in a short time.

Construction of Gaziantep Airport Terminal Building and Tokat New Airport Superstructure Facilities and Construction of PAT Fields in Tokat New Airport continues in accordance with the work program.

As of today, the number of Public Private Collaboration projects realized in the aviation sector in our country has reached 18. Our journey to the future continues with bigger projects and works; DHMİ Running Turkey's flying!

Directed at our interview with a magazine: "DHMİ, we always knew that recently came to agenda also conducted several projects in Turkey with the Istanbul Airport. How many projects are you running? Im I wanted to share this answer to my question.

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