CHP Beko: "İZBAN Strikes Deflected From Its Purpose"

chpli beko was determined for the izban strike
chpli beko was determined for the izban strike

CHP organization met with the CHP organization in the far-away districts of Izmir, Izmir CHP deputy Kani Beko, the main counterpart of the strike is the government of the AKP, and the strike of the strike, the purpose of the strike was diverted, he said. Tir The strike is political, Bek Beko said.

CHP İzmir Deputy Kani Beko visited the districts of the city center of İzmir and listened to the demands of the local pre-election organization and the people and answered the questions about the agenda. Starting from Menemen, Foça, Aliağa, Dikili, Kınık, Bergama districts visited the CHP organization and the public in İzmir, Beko, and the following day visited the districts of Bayındır, Ödemiş, Kiraz, Beydağ and Tire.

Talking about the İZBAN strike which is one of the most important agenda items in İzmir and the local elections, Beko exchanges ideas and stated that the strike is the right but that the İZBAN strike is tried to be taken in a different direction.


Beko, said in a statement on the subject: ti I have followed the process from the beginning of the workers do not have a lot of aphaky demands I know. Half of my working brothers in İZBAN are working below the poverty line. We made an evaluation with the Izmir MPs in Ankara. I talked to the Minister of Transport and was the biggest public transportation vehicle passing through Izmir's 10 district. I conveyed that the airport carries nearly one thousand passengers a day and that transportation will be interrupted if the strike starts. I told myself that the social and trade union rights of my working brothers should be given immediately. He said he had to settle the problem with the collective bargaining. However, there has been no sound. The main reason for the strike is the paralysis of the transportation in Izmir before the local elections and the accusation of the metropolitan by incompetence. The main responsibility of this problem is the Ministry of Transport and the AKP government. New offers are on the agenda. We've taken many steps, but when the goal is different it's somewhere. Social and trade union rights of my brothers and sisters, of course, our greatest wish is that no one doubt. We want more peace of mind without any further victimization. (Source: Cumhuriyet)

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