Level Crossing Problem Brought to the Agenda by CHP Specialist Is Solved


CHP group deputy Özgür Ozel in the district of Barbaros in the Yunusemre district of Yunusemre after passing the fatal accidents on the agenda, Menemen-Manisa between the Barbaros Mahallesi, including the 2. and 3. line construction work is continuing, within the scope of the project 3 pieces of pedestrian underpass and overpass were reported to be planned.

The CHP's Special, Transport and Infrastructure Ministry in his question motion, Barbaros Quarter level crossing in the life of the passenger train killed in the 16-year-old Sudenur Öztürk reminded that the death of the fugitive of investigations on this issue and asked what could be done to prevent fatal accidents. In his reply, Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Cahit Turhan stated, edil 3 level crossing is available in Barbaros quarter and all of them are controlled and barriers are kept closed during the train crossing. Pedestrian and road vehicles warning signs and warning signs are also available. In order to ensure comfortable passage of road vehicles, it is covered with composite material between the rails. In addition, even though there is no obligation, the entire section of the neighborhood, which is the border of the railway line, has been taken under the contract. The level crossing mentioned in the proposal is automatic barrier. At the level crossing, an accident occurred in 27 October 2018 and Sudenur Ozturk lost his life. 2018 deaths occurred in the 8 year in which 4 accident occurred, and the number of 4 was investigated. The other XNUMX investigations are still underway and administrative procedures will be carried out according to the results of the investigation Diğer. Turan, said:

Tır Accordingly, as a result of the improvement studies carried out for the level crossings since 2003, the number of accidents in 2003 decreased by 2018 and the number of people who lost their lives decreased by 88 in the year of 76. Although there is no study to take the railway route in the region where the district of Barbaros in the province of Manisa is located, there is no study to take the railway route out of the city. and 2. Line construction works are continuing and 3 pieces of pedestrian underpass and overpass are planned to be constructed to these sections. Within the scope of reducing the level crossings on the railway lines passing through the city center, the railway route passing through the center of Akhisar district of Manisa province was taken out of the city. Şehir

CHP group deputy Özgür Özel said, lu In 2018, where train wrecks in Çorlu and Ankara are experienced, the safety of railways is a serious question mark. The fact that the 8 4 does not have the flaws of the TCDD in the XNUMX brings to mind the question of how reliable the investigations are. Despite the demand of the people of the region, it is a serious shortcoming that there is no study on taking the route out of the city. However, we think it is important to plan the construction of pedestrian underpass and overpass to include the Barbaros Quarter on the second and third lines. Ancak (Source: Manisakulishab is)

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