Superstructure of Biçerova-Nemport Refuse Line

bicerova nemport
bicerova nemport

Biçerova Station 1 and 2 Container Stock Field Arrangement, Maintenance, Rehabilitation and Road Construction and Biçerova-nemport

Turkish State Railways Company 3. 2018 company has been bidding for the construction, maintenance, rehabilitation and road construction of Biçerova Station 676379 and 9.127.811,09 Container Stock Area with 12.807.437,17 / 1 TL and 2 TL with the cost of 44 / 9.219.880,00 TL (TCDD). and with the 4 TL bid given by the tender according to the final results, OPENALIN ALTYAPI SAN. TIC. LTD. ŞTİ + HAKAN KARABULUT has won a joint venture. XNUMX, which participated in the tender, bid below the limit.

The tender covers the works of 29000 m2 Field Concrete and 800 m Road Construction and 3500 m Railway Superstructure and 450 m Wall Construction. The duration of the work is 240 (two hundred forty) calendar days from the place delivery.



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