Numbered Days Left to Beypazarı Kızak Festival


With the contribution of Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, ından Beypazarı Kızak Şenliği Kız, which has been traditionally organized since 2005, will be held in January this year.

Beypazarı district, which carries the beauty and refinement of the Anatolian life culture to the present day, will be hosting the winter sports and sled lovers who want to travel to the past.

The festival, which will be organized in order to contribute to both domestic and foreign tourism, will host colorful shows and competitions.

Mehter Team concert, sleigh and band shows and the festival will be more colorful with fire. 7 to 70 will bring all sled lovers together with its sled races, the most beautiful snowman race, sledding and rope pulling race, snowboard and balloon show.

In the district covered with snow, the families will have the opportunity to enjoy the sled lost barbecues, the 30 to Beypazarı and the Xardun Kirazyanı hill at a height of one thousand 665.

27 for those who will participate in the festival January between the 09.00-10.00 Hamzalar Junction and Ataturk Park in front of the buses will be removed for free.

Beypazarı Municipality Mayor Tuncer Kaplan said that they had completed their preparations for the Festival of Sledges. Our guests coming from outside Ankara, especially the noise and stress of the city who want to get away from all the Ankara sports and fun to enjoy our festival are waiting for, "he said.

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