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N The echoes of the IZBAN strike, which was postponed due to the presidential decree, continue. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Aziz Kocaoglu said the collective agreement would be signed in a few. Hüseyin Ervüz, the president of the railway-trade union, stated that he did not receive an offer from the Municipality. Demir

IZBAN strike 30 was postponed for a period of 60 by the Presidential decree.

The problem in which IZBAn workers are targeted and collective agreements are transformed into political material is still not solved.

At this point, a new move came from the strike of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality President Aziz Kocaoglu.

National Channel team, Aziz Kocaoğlu'nun these explanations of the Demiryol-Is union Izmir Branch President Hüseyin Ervüz'e asked. Ervüz Kocaoğlu'nun themselves did not contact, said that the last meeting with the State Railways is a negative. (NATIONAL)

News: Free East Saymaz
Camera: Akın Kara

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