Wireless Talks Appeared in YHT Crash in Ankara

radio conversations in a car accident
radio conversations in a car accident

📩 03/01/2019 12:10

In Ankara, on the 13th of December 2018, 3 people lost their lives, 9 of them were machinists, while radio talks about the High Speed ​​Train (YHT) accident where 92 people were injured.

HabertürkAccording to the news of Fevzi Çakır, he reached the radio speeches of the machinists and railway workers who died before and after the train accident. The interviews before the accident are clearly reflected in the radio conversations.


Emin Ercan E., the engineer of the guide train who was involved in the accident, was arrested by the Ankara Chief Public Prosecutor within the scope of the investigation into the accident.

Control officer Emin Ercan E .: Command center sure.

Mechanic Kenan G. (The wounded survived): Dear Sir, 89 out of 500 are guide machines. We came to Eryaman, sir.

Check officer Emin Ercan E .: Come on, chief. We'il wait there for now. Most probably. After the 6.50 train goes, the gar will accept you. I will contact you and let you know. In the first place they will send up to the hippodrome.

Makinist Kadir Ü. (Died in the accident): Machinist Kadir.

Control officer Emin Ercan E: Kadir Ustam met with the movement and as we said, 6.50 will accept you after the train leaves. You'il maneuver. The hippodrome can be heavy in the navigation mode.

Machinist Kadir Ü .: We continue until the hippodrome, chief. After the 6.50 train there, we are negotiating.

Control officer Emin Ercan E: OK Kadir ustam auspicious mornings health in your hand.

”LINE 1 TO 11“

Here are the dialogues between the trancer Osman Y. and the officer Sinan Y., who were arrested in the accident investigation.

Scissors Osman Y .: 505-507
Acting officer Sinan Y: Listening.
Makasçı Osman Y .: Our Sinan roads are from line 1 to 11.
Movement officer Sinan Y: It was understood that Line 1 was 11.


This is how Makasci Osman Y. gives information about the line change. However, he did not change the scissors that he said in his statement, "I don't remember if I changed it". A few minutes later, an accident occurred.


After the accident, the panic mood among the state railway workers was reflected in the radio speeches. On the one hand, trying to clarify the accident information, on the one hand is trying to determine the location of the accident. Here he talks:

TCDD employee 1: Good deeds. Murat movement in Konya.

TCDD employee 2: Good works Murat Bey. Did the 82201 (high-speed train) drill?

TCDD employee 1: It's been called an accident. they are doing it to her. Guess The Machine Has Confronted Her Eee They Are Having More Full Friends.

TCDD employee 2: Okay, all right, the hostesses said, and we heard about it.

TCDD employee 3: You know about the situation, your friends are asking for an ambulance, but how can we do this.
Do you have any point information about the place?

TCDD employee 3: After Behiçbey Marşandiz who was told to us.

TCDD employee 4: Probably the incident happened in Behiçbey station. They want an ambulance?

TCDD employee 3: Send it and send it to 112.


It is also seen that the cause of the accident was actually detected during these speeches. Here is the interview;

TCDD employee 5: What is the situation?

TCDD employee 2: 201 (high speed train) carrom (head-on collision) with the guide. There is this tractor or the tractor engine stop was carom there, everything is not clear yet. While 201 (High speed train) should come from line 1, it comes from LINE 2.

TCDD employee 5: Come on.

TCDD employee 2: Returning to Ankara with the Guide.

TCDD employee 5: Do you have friends or something?

TCDD employee 2: We haven't learned anything more clearly.

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