Ankara YHT Accident Case Witness As Controller Witnesses

ankara yht case tester testified as witness
ankara yht case tester testified as witness

Mehmet Karaca, who served as a controller at YHT Traffic Management Center in the investigation of the train accident in which 9 died in the capital, testified as a witness.

CumhuriyetAccording to the report of Alican Uludağ, Karaca stated on 9 December 2018 that the train traffic between YHT Gar and Sincan warned its managers that “risks will continue, new troubles may arise”, Minister of Transport Cahit said, “Signalization is not a must”. He made statements that would 'deny' Turhan. "Since there is no signaling system between YHT Gar and Eryaman Station, Karaca said that we did not have the opportunity to monitor the trains moving from YHT Gar to Sincan Station over the system."

After the accident, the platform and Hat 1 regulating the S (M74) scissors around the camera showing the location of the scales Karaca, "We monitor the center of the monitor was placed to monitor the images," he said.

Karaca stated that although the traffic of the railway station between TMC garage and the signaling began, TMI (centralized telephone management of the railway traffic) system, the system is not fully TMI. Emphasizing that there are officials, signs and protection measures at the stations in the TMI system, Karaca said düzen The system currently applied is a system based entirely on human attention, on the arrangements made with frequently changed written orders TM.

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