Ankara-Eryaman YHT Line Signalization Study When Will It End?

ankara eryaman yht line will be urgent
ankara eryaman yht line will be urgent

Ankara-Eryaman line, where a high-speed train disaster in which 9 is injured in Yenimahalle Marşandiz Station in Ankara, will be opened by completing partial signaling. With a signal lamp to be placed at the entrance of Ankara Garage and Eryaman Gar entrances, a distance of approximately 86'er kilometers can be controlled in both garages by hand signal. The study is expected to be completed by the end of February.

Due to the fact that the signaling study does not reach the targeted 2 February date, the high speed train will continue to move from Eryaman station for a while in Ankara. TCDD, this date the previous day, the internet site, the 9 February, updated as yesterday, this announcement was removed from the publication. Transport and Infrastructure Ministry officials said that the study will continue for a while, it is planned to be trained by the end of February.

TCDD, 1 January to 2 February until the Konya and Eskişehir flights will be made by Eryaman station announced.Hürriyet)

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