Ankara Chamber of Architects Discusses Mehmet Özhaseki's Projects

ankara architects' room mehmet ozhasekinin projects laid on the table 2
ankara architects' room mehmet ozhasekinin projects laid on the table 2

Ankara Branch of the Chamber of Architects in a statement, the AKP's Ankara Metropolitan Mayor candidate Mehmet Özhaseki'nin all the projects focused on rent was pointed out. Chamber of Architects Ankara Branch Candan, Özhaseki child village project with Ankapark'a customer is emphasized.

Speaking at a press conference held at the Chamber of Architects of Ankara Chamber of Industry, Tezcan Karakuş Candan stated that none of the 111 project described is human-oriented. Candan pointed out the need for a Ankara to be governed by a common mind, erek But this city is governed by the understanding that I know it. None of these projects are realistic. Özhaseki statements how the President and his wife Emine Hanım'ın how much he likes projects. In other words, the President says he will lead the city. There is no participatory democratic understanding. Katılımcı

Chamber of Architects Ankara Branch President Tezcan Karakuş Candan said, Ankara 31 started to explain the projects of mayor candidates in Ankara on March local elections. Ankara as a professional organization that has been following closely for a long time and 23,5 annual Melih Gökçek period as an organization has removed the damage assessment of all candidates closely followed by the evaluation of the projects of these candidates and provide information to the public. Today we will make an assessment on the Ankara projects announced by Özhaseki. When the other candidates explain their projects, we will also consider their projects as the Ankara Branch of the Chamber of Architects. AKP candidate Özhaseki announced the Ankara projects as 11 project under 111 title last week. In general, we see that none of these are human oriented. When we excavated, we saw that Gökçek era projects came out of these projects and it was indeed a rent-oriented approach. Both public statements and television programs were followed, Hem he said.

Referring to the Ulus tunnel that is the defendant

Candan said about Özhaseki's transportation policies:

Alar He talked about transportation policies. Gokcek can not make a meter subway, due to incompetence, as you know the metro and rail system in Ankara is now carried out by the Ministry of Transport. In other words, every promise made by the municipality about the metro is not a local policy but a central government policy. The way to expand and parallel path says traffic will not relax, he says correctly. However, he expects to reach the airport from the airport by his car, which is in contradiction with the previous one. She doesn't know what she says or what she wants to do. Because these discourses contradict each other. He's talking about uninterrupted transport to the airport. Continuous transportation means referring to the Roman period in Ulus and to the Ulus tunnel in the Nation Historic City Center, which is really the cause of the genocide. He says he will bring in a parking and continue approach in each of the subway stations. This is obviously not possible. I'm going to do a parking lot at the stations that lie behind this. Güvenpark's, I'm going to do the parking of Zaferpark. Each subway station will be opened for six rages. We're reading into a parking lot. However, the city center needs to be cleared of the vehicle, the dolmuşs should leave the city center and be pedestrianized as much as possible. Unfortunately, we can't see any of them. He says that he can build an 60 km rail system beyond that, but even in the period of the AKP government, the rail systems are not working properly. The 4 metro line in Ankara has to be transported by 2,5 million passengers. But today 4 even 370 thousand passengers are moving. This is actually an indication of their failures. You can't even run the subways you already have. Today, they need to work according to the capacity of the lines they make before making 60 km. 2,5 for 4 million 10 line for each line must be moved to the million passengers.

People-oriented, rent-oriented approach

Belli It is not clear when Ankaray's extension to AŞTİ will be opened. Already in the case of the LAST connection 6 year delayed. If you are lying behind it you know there is a construction of YDA there is not finished yet. It's an economic hardship that can end him in the contractor. The only reason this cannot be opened is that the contractor should not allow it, it cannot be opened. Here too, we see a people-oriented, not capital-oriented approach. Again we were told that the gardens of the folks would be done intensively, and we know that this is not realistic, yap Candan continued.

Or We know very well that 23,5 is the year of Gökçek, the later Mustafa Tuna period, and the 17 is a green zone and not a green scenario, a green scenario of people-oriented green policies during the years of the AKP government. The back of the public gardens is the marketing of the areas that have been bonded to rant. We can read the EGO hangars in a convenient way through the Pacific Construction, which they call Central Ankara. Today, we need a green scenario, not huge areas. Green spaces and children's playgrounds need to be increased and schools need to be in the green areas, there is a green project with the gardens of the nation is called. But it is clear that there is a rent policy behind this. Again the children's village projects they will explain to the AOÇ land next to Ankapark. Because Ankapark needs advertising. It's very clear that the two are unlawful. She doesn't even know that the tents at Ankapark are flammable. If you remember that Gokcek was on the hill on the first attempt with very sensitive gaming tools that the floor was loose. The children's village project is planned as another dimension of creating and promoting customers to Ankapark. Ankara needs a child-friendly city policy in the city, not the children's village. Today, mothers with babies cannot go out on the street. We lost our children by falling onto the counter tops and washbasins. Today, there is a need for child-friendly neighborhoods, not the children's village. Bugün

They are planning to walk tourists with heavy but costly cable cars at an expensive price

Candan, Özhaseki's smart city rhetoric said as follows:

“They're talking about the smart city. Mind is a city of respect for technology and science. If you remember, we are a community of managers who silenced the robot. In terms of science and engineering lgs' not aware of the rate 7.70 do their math question in Turkey. The intelligent city approach of a mindset that has killed all science and has eliminated the understanding of scientific city is understood from the silencing of the robot. The pedestrian zone does not mention bicycle paths, but they are planning to drive tourists with heavy but costly cable cars at a cost. The tour route will start from the castle, to the Roman baths, to the areas where the Seljuk artifacts are located, to Saraçoğlu, then to Anıtkabir and to the Kaçak Palace. The Illegal Palace is very important in architecture. Ankara Metropolitan Municipality nominee of the candidate in the AOÇ of the will of Atatürk, conditional donation, contrary to law and conscience, a waste building as a perfect place by expressing that the cable car to go there, he suggests. There are no birds on the 40-meter roads in the fugitive palace area. "

Özhaseki Ankara news

Candan emphasized the need for a Ankara to be governed by a common mind and said:

Dü For a long time, I've been guided by policies that de-activate science and technique. He says he'il run the rooms together, and he probably doesn't mention us. It will probably carry out more commercial and rent-oriented approaches. But it is not realistic in the middle of all the projects are presented to the President and 'our President liked it very much and gave approval' he says. The President states that he will rule this city and that he will be satisfied. 'Emine lady zero waste project very loved' he said. In other words, it is seen that science and technology will be based on the developments in the world and urban policies, but not on the local administration, but on the liking of Emine and the President. There is no participatory democracy and a democratic city. After that, 'Vedat Dalokay and Murat Karayalcin were not from Ankara either.' He is the mayor of Dalokay Chamber of Architects. The difference is that there is not much difference between worlds, but the fact that the revolution feels the spirit of the Capital and each square meter. Dalokay was a mayor who resisted and put forward policies. If the fugitive presents a value with the palace, he thinks that he does not know Ankara and has a news from Ankara's values, if he thinks he will produce a solution with a ropeway. Since Özhaseki does not know Ankara's capital and cultural heritage and republican values, it can not manage Ankara. You will say that you will destroy the symbol sports structures of the Republic and then you will do the stadium. When all the projects are excavated, it will be revealed that the AKP's local government policy, which began with the period of Gökçek, went bankrupt in Ankara and tried to transform this city with its rent policies. In the 30 million square meter area, which is called as urban renewal area, it is said that the area will be risky and that all these things will be done by Özhaseki rent. He announced his projects focused on rent-oriented, not human-oriented projects for Ankara. We will explain this to the public stage and we will follow. Our Ankara 850 case continues. 850 means there is controversial and unlawful space. Projects are being developed in an approach that defends the continuity of this lawlessness. Bu

Candan, "Özhaseki TV program has done revolutionary work in Ankara, Gokcek said, breaking down historical artifacts, spitting into the art, destroying the cultural spaces of a mayor who did the revolutionary work of the mayor of the municipality is on the trail of the presidential candidate Gokcek. Ankara is the capital of the Republic and revolution. Özhaseki, who defends this as a revolution, is a candidate to continue the continuity of these projects. We are heading to the days when the mayors who cannot get a visa from the chamber of architects cannot be elected. Özhaseki could not get a visa from the Ankara Branch of the Chamber of Architects with these projects bu.

A management understanding should be established with all layers of society

Ali Hakkan, Member of the Board of Directors of the Chamber of Architects said:

Uz When we look at these projects, we see that they do not understand the locality. All projects are focused on the President and his wife. However, local government is a bottom-up organization model. A management approach should be created with all layers of society. Under the heading of transportation, I see many things that do not follow the architects room. The Ankara Branch of the Chamber of Architects has brought them to the agenda and has even reached their conclusions. The struggle for AOÇ is obvious. The EGO hangars project is an intertwined issue of Ankara's urban culture. Does Özhaseki know about this? I don't think so. Ankara is not an accessible city because it is not a pedestrian but a priority city. Chamber of Architects Ankara Branch Red Crescent said get the challenge. Kızılay has produced a pedestrianization project. Does he know about this? I think they didn't study. Current President Saraçoğlu Mahallesi projects hand to hand with the hands of the Chamber of Architects, 'What does the Chamber of Architects' he said. These are very important values ​​for Ankara, I think they do not know. The kid says it's a village. Chamber of Architects Ankara Branch President Tezcan Karakuş Candan is the director of children's architecture studies in the international arena. The whole world is in the pursuit of this work carried out by the headquarters of the Chamber of Architects. It needs to show intent and follow a bit. Their point of contact is the Chamber of Architects. The room can share all of its knowledge, but they don't have to worry about it. We have thought that we solved the transportation very well without touching the people from the air and nature. On the contrary, they have to touch man and nature. Tam

Mayor of Ankara Metropolitan Municipality 'Will they travel in Kizilay from the moment they are elected?' Hakkan asked the question, kent Red Crescent and Nation city center has become what we have to walk together. What do people feel about this? Let us walk together, Gelin he said.

We can't see anything new that Özhaseki promised to Ankara and Ankara people

Nihal Evirgen, the Ankara Branch Secretary of the Chamber of Architects, made evaluations on how the general policy works through Ankara.

Evirgen noted:

I In one of the statements he made about the local elections, the President said, ğı The municipality can only be reconciled with the power that is in harmony with Ankara. “ In other words, he warned the voters in a threatening warning saying en vote for candidates who are compatible with the power Yani. We see this in concrete terms in all of Özhaseki's speeches and promises. The details of the projects of the public gardens, including the destruction of 19 May Stadium news of the President's 24 was announced before the June elections in Ankara. None of these projects were a surprise. There are certain projects that have been prepared and are promised to public as long-term election promises. We can't see anything new that Özhaseki promised to Ankara and Ankara. In addition, Melih Gokcek from the period of Melih need to deliver the right of Bey, saying that Özhaseki. This is an important confession for us. As it is known, Ankara Report, prepared by our Branch after Gokcek, documented how Gokcek caused damage in Ankara during the year. The capital is now in the form of a wreck and this state praises the presidency again. For example, one of the promises is to revitalize the value of Ankara, and the first example is Sites. We all know how the Sites have become a crash site today. There is a serious problem with migration from Syria. Syrian refugees are employed at sites with very low wages. There is a great exploitation of labor and theft of labor. Without your country or city-wide immigration policy, how do you usually get up to face these problems and solve the problems on the Sites locally? Or does it mean to revive these professions to mean the continuation of labor exploitation through cheap labor? These are all serious question marks. Another promise is to support agriculture. You ruined AOÇ how can you say now that we will support agriculture? You have built all agricultural land. Now you're going to give up on this zoning? Are you going to quit the rent?? Said Evirgen.

"Turkey has been a very serious issue that needs to stand up for very recently. Ceren Damar Şenel murder and think about how to come to this point once again we all need to stop and think. At this point brought about by ignorance of ignorance by the power, Özhaseki should look back at his discourses. Bakıl Most of those who treachery to the state has a university degree, there is no problem with the state of imam hatip youth. There is also the courage of Ceren Damar to kill everyone inside the university. a name which candidate for mayor of the capital of Turkey, if you use these phrases, it is unfortunate we can not say. This is an indication of a mentality and this mentality should not be allowed to rule Ankara. Ankara is a university city, is the capital Ankara and is a point that should be an example to Turkey. Turkey is not a city where the dominant mentality and advancing science and technology worthy of a capital city in the light. "

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