Bridge Intersections Will Not Be Flooded After Heavy Rainfall in Ankara

after that, the crossbar will not flood in Xaraq
after that, the crossbar will not flood in Xaraq

Mayor of Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Assoc. Dr. In order to prevent floods in the capital of Mustafa Tuna, 15 has started a separate renovation of the infrastructure.

ASKI General Directorate, which started the works by detecting the points where floods occurred after the heavy rains in the seasonal transition, completed the works at the 11 point in a short time.


Considering the minimum level of traffic and transportation problems in the first place, the works at Kızılay Akay Junction and Mamak Boğaziçi, which are at the top of the most critical points, were completed by ASKİ teams on 7 / 24 basis.

Anan We are conducting a mandatory operation, sel said President Tuna. Iş We hope that we will overcome the flood disasters caused by the rain after that. Çalış


-Akay Junction,

-Eskişehir Road and Diyanet Önü,

-Anittepe EDOK and Land Forces Command,

-Gar Junction - In front of Ankara Sports Hall,

Bosphorus Quarter-Neşet Ertaş Street,

-Serhat Mahallesi Elektrokent Junction,

- Ivedik OSB,

-North Starı Quarter,

-Devlet Mahallesi-Eryaman Intersection Underpass,

- Altinsoy Avenue


The work to be done in front of the Municipality of Mamak Street with the connection of Talat Pasa Boulevard Ankara Stream will be started soon.

Drilling project details of the wastewater and rainwater line are as follows:

- Akay Underpass and Red Crescent Connection:

500 meter waste water line

1000 meter rain water line

-EDOK and Land Forces Front:

185 meter waste water line

100 meter rain water line

-Eskişehir Road AFAD-Front of Diyanet

3000 meter rain water line

- Altinsoy Street and the lower gate:

350 meter waste water line

1000 meter rain water line

-Gar Junction-Ankara Indoor Sports Hall

650 meter waste water line

-Talatpaşa Boulevard-Ankara Tea Connection

2 bin 550 meter waste water line

- Bosphorus Quarter Neşet Ertaş Street:

6 bin 650 meter waste water line

4 bin 650 meter rain water line

-Samsun Yolu - Hatip Stream Connection:

350 meter waste water line

350 meter rain water line

-Mamak Street City front:

600 meter waste water line

2 bin 600 meter rain water line

-Yenimahalle Electroplating:

3 thousand meters waste water line

1163 meter rain water line


307 meter waste water line

621 meter rain water line

-Kuzey Yıldızı Quarter:

150 meter rain water line

-Devlet Mahallesi Eryaman Underpass:

200 meter rain water line

-Gümüşköy Underpass:

200 meter rain water line

-Protocol Pathway:

500 meter waste water line

800 meter rain water line

399 meter box section

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