9 Track Lifts and Escalators

to the island 9 with elevators
to the island 9 with elevators

📩 29/01/2019 13:07

Mayor of Adana Metropolitan Municipality Hüseyin Sözlü put into practice the project that will make pedestrian access safe and comfortable at the traffic intensive areas in 3 central district.

With the transportation projects it has implemented, Adana Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Hüseyin Sözlü has solved the nodes that provide urban traffic fever one by one.

Seyhan, Cukurova and Yuregir districts 9 planned to separate and comfortable pedestrian overpass, a total of 21 million pounds were awarded. The construction of the first 3 from the elevator-escalator overpasses was started in front of the Teachers' Bulvarı Bahçeşehir College with the front of Turgut Özal Bulvarı Ramazanoğlu Mosque and the Rainbow Junction.


The project, which aims to sustain the safety of pedestrian and vehicle traffic, and to ensure that disabled citizens participate in urban life unhindered, has matured in the light of citizen demands, opinions and suggestions of official institutions, statistical data of previous years' accidents and technical units of Adana Metropolitan Municipality. At the end of the evaluation made according to the foreseen criteria, 9 was chosen as a separate point in the main arteries in Seyhan, Çukurova and Yüreğir districts.


Elevators with elevators and escalators will provide safe and modern transportation at the following points; Turgut Özal Bulvarı (Front of Ramazanoğlu Mosque), Turgut Özal Bulvarı (Gökkuşağı Kavşağı Civarı), Teachers' Boulevard (Bahçeşehir College District), Kozan Road (in front of Batıkent Medical Center), New Governor's Office, Adana Anatolian High School, Sadık Ahmet Bulvarı (Seyhan Primary School Neighborhood), Fuzuli Street, (Çukomed Neighborhood), Hacı Sabancı Boulevard, (Optimum Shopping Center Neighborhood)

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