Turkey Becomes First in Kayseri Transport Efficiency

Reach the efficiency in Kayseri was the first turkey
Reach the efficiency in Kayseri was the first turkey

Kayseri Transportation Inc. won the second place in the efficiency category with the ”Kayseri Transportation Model in the Gross Cost Contract Kayseri project.

Kayseri Transportation Inc., which was established in 2008 to carry out the transportation services of Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality, won the first place in the efficiency category for the second time in the Transist-Istanbul Transportation Congress and Fair with its "Kayseri Transportation Model in Gross Cost Contract" project. The project, which aims to make the public transportation system more efficient, to save resources, to consume less fuel, to emit less greenhouse gases and to make the public transportation system more attractive, has been implemented in Kayseri since 2016. The project supports the Kayseri Transportation AŞ in many cities of Turkey came to life.

General Director of Kayseri Transport Inc. Feyzullah Gündoğdu, Transist'ten 5 different award until today, stating that, UM Gross Cost Contract Kayseri Transportation Model with the implementation of a model unique to Kayseri. We also included service quality performance of the private bus operators according to the specified criteria in this contract model. The fact that the model has been signed with 390 operators makes the project special. In addition, the project is a model that is implemented only by Kayseri Transport AS in the world. Ayrıca

Gundogdu, to increase the number of people using public transport to 2025 years 50% and intra-urban transport sector was reported to be the first that comes to mind in technology and service delivery institutions in Turkey that targeted e.

Turkey Quality Association members in 2014 and signed the 2015 "National Quality Movement Goodwill Declaration" with the EFQM Excellence Model application process last Kayseri transportation, areas of activity is still working to remove the senior level of perfection. Gündoğdu, who is also a member of KALDER Kayseri High Advisory Board, said, “Our aim is to make the public transportation system more efficient and to save resources. Our KALDER activities continue within this scope. We completed our Process Management studies and started risk management ”. (Source:WORLD)

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