Nostalgic Train Cruises with Nature View

Nostalgic train journeys with nature view
Nostalgic train journeys with nature view

Traveling by train is the choice of those who want a nostalgic and unforgettable journey accompanied by nature scenery. While Kars and Van stand out as the most popular addresses of recent times, those who wish may draw their route from Adana to İzmir.

In the last few years, those who wish to make their journey comfortable and unforgettable are accompanied by impressive nature views. It is possible to go to Kars with the Eastern Express, which has become a popular route of winter holidays. The Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD), one of the outline of the Orient Express train, works every day between Ankara and Kars. Now in the snow with the snow on white in the following 21 January and 1 ending February will be great interest in the semester break. Train tickets were sold out weeks ago. But don't worry, many travel agencies are organizing the Kars Tour with Eastern Express. The most beautiful examples of Russian and Ottoman architecture can be seen in Kars, Çıldır Lake, you can photograph the visual feast with the reflection of the sky, you can go on a sleigh horse tour, ski runner's attraction center with wide runway alternatives. .

While going to Kars, the Ani Ruins added to the UNESCO World Heritage List located next to the Arpaçay, which set the border with Armenia, the Kars Castle dating back to 1153, the Russian Tsar 2. You can also visit the Katerina Pavilion built by Nikola, the Kumbet Mosque known as the Church of the Apostles, and the Cheese Museum to learn the story of Kars Grundere in the Boğatepe Village, which was occupied by Russia at the beginning of the 1900. (Nationality)

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