40 to Speed ​​through Malatya-Sivas High Speed ​​Train

Malatya to train at low speed by 40
Malatya to train at low speed by 40

4 hour between Sivas-Malatya-Malatya-Sivas between the railway journey to the 40 minutes of the High Speed ​​Train Project review evaluation commission meeting (IDC) 19 will be held in February.

The EIA process will start in Sivas-Malatya high speed train project. Provincial Directorate of Environment and Urban Planning, the announcement, inde Sivas, Central Province, Kangal district of the Republic of Turkey by the General Directorate of State Railways General Directorate of the project planned to be made on the Sivas (Cetinkaya) - Malatya railway (High Speed ​​Train) project will be held on 19.02.2019 IDC Meeting will be held EIA report and to the public oy.

The train journey between Malatya and Sivas, which is projected as two lines, is now two-way, regardless of the current train line of the High Speed ​​Train Project. Line route; It starts in the Çetinkaya Village of the Kangal district of Sivas and ends in Malatya by passing through Hekimhan, Yazıhan and Battalgazi districts on Malatya borders respectively. The length of the route is 4, and the 40 kilometer is located at the borders of Sivas and the 132 is at the borders of Malatya. (Homeland)



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