Karamürsel Junction to Unite Two Sides

Karamursel to combine two sides
Karamursel to combine two sides

Construction work continues at full speed in Karamürsel City Square Köprülü Junction, which is one of the important transportation projects, which was built by Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality. The tunnel has a width of 19 meters and a closed section of 290 meters. The project, which will cut the connection of vehicles traveling between cities with the city center with its 290-meter tunnel section, will unite the two sides of the district and create a unity. kazanwill yell.


There will be four turns and four street connections on the tunnel. Bored pile and infrastructure works and production of drinking water, rain water and waste water lines are being carried out at the branch junction that will make transportation breathable in Karamürsel. The study, which includes the city square area, provides the transit passage of the vehicles on the D-130 towards Bursa, while providing fluency in the city center traffic. kazanwill yell.


As part of the cross-junction project, where the works are continued, 1500 meters 2 times 2 stripe main road, 902 meters South - 885 meters North 2 units and 310 meters connection road production continues. 801 pieces of forkazik, precast cladding work is carried out under difficult winter conditions. On the other hand, the teams are working feverishly to complete the work of the 17500 prefabricated cross-section in-tunnel U-section reinforced concrete construction.

ON D-130

The tunnel crossing at Karamursel Town Square is implemented on the D-130 highway. 19 2 diameter 2 130 meters will be the width of the intersection 710 strip is being made as a strip. The project will be rearranged with a thousand XNUMX meters of the D-XNUMX highway.


Karamürsel City Square With the arrival of the Köprülü Junction, transportation in the district will cause a great relief in the main arteries. In addition to rainwater and sewer lines, as well as the construction of drinking water, the tunneled junction project will add value to the Karamürsel district with its landscaping works.

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