A Helping Hand from Eskişehir Metropolitan to Highways

Help from highways to highways
Help from highways to highways

463, 76, 3845 city center of Eskişehir Metropolitan Municipality, 19 road network of snow and ice combat 53 snow shoveling and salting truck, XNUMX continues with the work machine. In addition, the city center, pavement and pedestrian roads are also cleaned snow.

Metropolitan Municipality of snow-combat teams, 1420 meter altitude Sarıcakaya road, especially in the neighborhood around the city is struggling with snow. Metropolitan Municipality, which continues to work in the areas of responsibility, has opened the path of the road to Sarıcakaya where the teams of highways Hekimdağ pass was cleared of snow. In addition, the Metropolitan Municipality teams, Physicians located in the building of Radio and Television transmitters staff who were stranded. Staff rescued from the land, the Metropolitan Municipality thanked for their help.

The Metropolitan Municipality also continues to fight snow in the neighborhoods of Hekimdağ, Karadere, Sulukaraağaç and Bektaşpınar neighborhoods, especially in the Bozdağ district where snow thickness exceeds one meter as a result of heavy snowfall. Even when there is no snowfall, depending on the geographical structure of the breeze and the type of road closure in the road to keep the road open to keep the road machine and vehicles waiting in this area is ready.



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