Eastern Express Moves to Mobilize Anatolia's Entrepreneurship Potential

Dogu Express started to mobilize the entrepreneurial potential of the Anatolian language
Dogu Express started to mobilize the entrepreneurial potential of the Anatolian language

In Turkey who want to realize their dreams and providing support to startup entrepreneurs who want to open up to the world, 3. 35 thousand in the period on the application area Hamdi Ulukaya Initiative participants in the first two periods, with experienced business people and leaders of Turkey 'Initiative met at the Express.

12 startup and 48 entrepreneur candidate had the opportunity to listen to all the information they needed in their entrepreneurship journey and to determine their strategies through one-to-one trainings in the eb Venture Express belirleme program, which lasted three days from Erzincan to Kars. In the 2017, Hamdi Ulukaya Initiative (HUG) was established with the investment of 5 million dollars and the mentors came together in the la Venture Express X. The first two participants of HUG, the founder of Chobani, were brought to life by the entrepreneur Hamdi Ulukaya. Participants; Esin Güral Argat, Board Member of TÜSİAD, Vice Rector of MEF University Dr. Erhan Erkut, Head of Marketing at New York University Dr. As Tülin Erdem, she had the opportunity to develop her projects with mentors who are experts in their fields.

In the program that started in Erzincan, all the information needed in the entrepreneurship journey such as inspirational speeches, corporate process and brand creation strategies were shared by the experts. One of the main speakers of the program, TÜSİAD Board Member and Gürallar Group Vice Chairman Esin Güral Argat said that being young is not the key to success. The program also discussed the future strategies of the companies in the model board meetings, which were formed from successful names in the Startup Support Program participants. The passengers from Erzincan to Kars were evaluated with their mentor trainings.

Can Eastern Express be an educational tool?

Hamdi Ulukaya Initiative, which claims to spread entrepreneurship in Anatolia, has made the Eastern Express, one of the popular routes of the last period, an entrepreneurship center. The mentor and experienced business people who traveled in specially reserved compartments worked with individual entrepreneur candidates and one-on-one meetings with startup founders to work on business ideas and company strategies.

After all-day trainings in Kars, the participants listened to the stories of the entrepreneurs who made the local values ​​of the region a brand. HUG participants had the opportunity to explore the cultural and natural beauties of Erzincan and Kars in addition to the trainings. Erzincan Coppersmith Bazaar and visit the ruins of Ani entrepreneurs and startup founders also visited the village of Boğatepe example of the entrepreneurial ecosystem throughout Turkey. Participants visited the Cheese Museum in Boğatepe Village, which is the center of Gruyere Cheese and listened to the village's development story.

Number of applications tripled

Hamdi Ulukaya Initiative, which gives everyone the right to dream equally, received 30 thousand 448 applications to the Entrepreneur Candidate Support Program and 4 thousand 653 applications to the Startup Support Program. An application rate of the prior year, while nearly tripled, Tekirdag program to Van, Agri to Izmir was admitted to youth all over Turkey. Innovative programs with the entrepreneurship ecosystem in Turkey settled a prominent position HUGE, used in the evaluation process consists of 4 stages, Turkstat determined that 12 statistical regions and gender as criteria algorithm that considers geography, gender, and to everyone regardless of the educational level 'to establish equal imagine aims to 'provide' the right. Hamdi Ulukaya Initiative 3 names will be announced at the end of January. (you Gazetenizol)


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