33 Million TL Investment in Alasehir Roads

33 million lyrical investment
33 million lyrical investment

Manisa Metropolitan Municipality has invested 5 million pounds in the asphalt and key parquet works in Alaşehir during the 33 annual duty period. Over time, worn and neglected roads in the hardwood and asphalt works on the roads of the Metropolitan Municipality, the path has modernized.

Manisa Metropolitan Municipality, which realizes giant investments in 17 district of Manisa, attaches great importance to working asphalt and lock parquet in order to provide comfortable and safe transportation for citizens. Within this context, the remaining 5 year-long process in the province throughout the province maintenance-free and bad-looking ways of the Metropolitan Municipality, Alaşehir district of the key parquet and asphalt work has invested full 33 million pounds. The roads, which were in dust in the summer and in the mud in the winter, gained a modern appearance with the works carried out by the Metropolitan Municipality.

350 thousand square meter lock parquet work
Manisa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Cengiz Ergun stated that they are trying to serve the Manisans by working in the 5 annual duty period. . In the period we left behind, we built 11 thousand square meters of key parquet floor for our neighborhoods with the investment of 350 million pounds in our Alaşehir district ğ.

200 mileage asphalt work
Providing information about the asphalt works, President Ergun said, konforlu We have implemented 22 mileage asphalt works by allocating approximately 200 million liras for the transportation to be comfortable and safe. In this sense, the asphalt and lock study in the district 33 million pounds have invested Bu he said.

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